Reducing My Oldies Stash – Kirstie Allsopp Nerolina Orange Blossom Shower Gel & Calcot Manor The Perfect Day Shower & Bath Gel

Hi there! Today’s post is about 2 shower gels which I picked up for £1 each. And here they are!

Kirstie Allsopp Nerolina Orange Blossom Shower Gel has a true orange flower fragrance. I’m enjoying it very much. This shower gel seems to have low SLS. It doesn’t lather up very well. If you like low SLS shower gels, you should consider giving this one a try. I found this large 400ml shower gel at Home Bargains (clearance).

Calcot Manor The Perfect Day Shower & Bath Gel is good but not great. The shower gel is gentle enough, and it smells citrusy, but I doubt this is anyone’s favourite fragrance. This shower gel is available as 300ml (Tesco).

I will continue to use both shower gels. I’d pick up the Kirstie Allsopp shower gel again, but I’m not repurchasing this Calcot Manor shower gel.

Mrs Strawberry Blonde

Calcot Manor Orange Blossom With Orchid De-Stress Body Buff

Calcot Manor Body BuffHi there! Today I’m reviewing Calcot Manor’s De-Stress Body Buff. A while ago the luxurious Calcot Manor Spa teamed up with Tesco to come up with a spa-themed product range.

Some of these products have now hit the discount stores, so I bought quite a few of them. The first product I wanted to try was this body buff. So I tried it!

The first thing I noticed was the product’s fragrance. I’d describe it as a beautiful old-fashioned floral fragrance. My husband is not impressed. But I think the scent is gorgeous!

I also love the formula – because it’s fun! When you squeeze the product out of the tube, it comes out like a worm. 😀

But to me the big selling point is that the product is easy to distribute all over my body – almost like a shower gel. I think sugar scrubs can be quite a pain to use – but exfoliating my skin with this body buff is quick and easy.

I think this product is really good and I can definitely recommend it! The scent isn’t for everyone, and I would have expected it to be fresher and more youthful. But I actually like the strong vintage floral fragrance because it fits the traditional English spa theme.

Calcot Manot De-Stress Body Buff is available as 200ml for £4.99 at Tesco. However, I paid 99p at a discount store!

Mrs Strawberry Blonde