Nail Of The Day – Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro 370 Wild Orchid, Revlon Colorstay 270 Stiletto & Stamping With Pueen 93

Hi there! I’ve got another short Nail Of The Day post for you today. 🙂

For this mani I painted my nails with…
Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro 370 Wild Orchid (2 coats, pinkies, ring fingers, thumbs), and
Revlon Colorstay 270 Stiletto (2 easy coats, middle and index fingers).

I used Pueen‘s 93 stamping plate (which is part of Pueen‘s Buffet Leisure stamping collection).

And I stamped with 2 different polishes – a home-made black polish mix (ring fingers, pinkies, thumbs) and CiatĂ© Heirloom (middle and index fingers).

I think this mani looked alright. But I love purple and black, so I might be biased. 🙂 Do you like purple and black nails? Which nail polish colours are your favourites? Feel free to get in touch. And thanks for stopping by!

Mrs Strawberry Blonde