Weekly Recap 7 – 13 March 2022

Hi there! Today’s post is about all the post I’ve written this past week = my weekly blog recap. And here are the posts.

Tuesday 8 Mar – Antonio Banderas Her Secret Temptation Eau De Toilette

I didn’t post on Monday, but Tuesday’s post was about this Antonio Banderas fragrance that I’m using at the moment. Click here to read my review.

Wednesday 9 Mar – Boots Live + Be Beautiful Connection Hand Cream, Boots Live + Be Captivating Pause Hand Cream

These 2 hand creams were the stars of Wednesday’s post. Click here to read it.

Friday 11 Mar – Derma V10 Vanilla Body Butter

No post on Thursday, but on Friday I reviewed a body butter. Click here to read the post.

And this is it for this week. Thanks for stopping by!

Mrs Strawberry Blonde 💙💛

Derma V10 Vanilla Body Butter

Hi there! Today’s short post is about this Derma V10 Vanilla Body Butter which I picked up for 80p at Poundstretcher. I’m generally a fan of cocoa, vanilla and shea butter scented moisturisers, so I just had to give this one a try.

I tried the body butter for the first time today – and it’s nice! The vanilla scent reminds me of cookie batter – it’s sweet, warm and delicious. The scent doesn’t last very long, but that’s fine since I wear fragrance anyway.

Based on my experience, I would recommend this product. Derma V10 Vanilla Body Butter is available as 220ml in bargain stores.

Mrs Strawberry Blonde 💙💛

Haul! Nail Polish, Skin Care, Make-Up, Beauty Tools & Cute Stationery (Rimmel, Models Own, Maybelline, Patisserie De Bain & More)

Hi there! Today’s post is about all the stuff I bought for the past couple of weeks. I’m not doing a big intro today. Here’s what I bought.

2 Models Own polishes for £1 each,
2 Rimmel polishes for 50p each,
3 white Primark polishes for 90p each.

Good Old Hand Cream for £1,
Primark Foundation & Contour Stick for £2.50,
Models Own lipstick for £1,
Maybelline Gloss for £1,
Cuticura hand cream for £1.

Patisserie De Bain Sugared Violet Hand & Body Lotion for £1,
2 Primark Bubble Masks for 80p each.

Set of 4 nail buffers for £1 (only 3 in the photo because 1 of the 4 is already in use),
Beautifully Scrumptious Almond Body Butter for £1.

Derma V10 Cocoa and Vanilla Body Butters. These were 80p each.

Then I swung by my local Poundland again and I bought…
2 Models Own polishes for £1 each,
2 more Maybelline lipglosses for £1 each,
2 Miss Sporty lipliners for 50p each,
4 Manhattan nail polishes for 50p each.

I found an amazing pencil case at B&M Bargains (£3.99), and I picked up 2 giant (!) sticker sheets (2 for £1).

I also swung by THE WORKS and bought…
2 Narwhal notebooks for £2 each,
and a Sloth 2019 Calendar for £1.50.

I went to B&M again the other day, and I picked up more stationery.
I bought… a pack of 4 A4 popper wallets (2 different designs) for £1.49,

a pack of 3 A6 lined notebooks for £1.29,

a super pretty sticky notes set for £2.49,

and this sensationally cute A5 Hanazuki notebook for £2.49.

I’m very happy with what I bought. I spent £44.05 in total for all these goodies! By the way, all these amazing products were bought on the high street! And one more thing, there’s Tokidoki stuff at B&M Bargains – I’ve seen backpacks and pencil cases which would also work as cosmetic bags! I’m tempted…

Mrs Strawberry Blonde