Essence Soft Touch Mousse Make-Up 04 Matt Ivory

Hi there! Today’s post is about Essence’s Soft Touch Mousse Make-Up. I chose the lightest shade – 04 Matt Ivory. Let me tell you right away that I didn’t like this foundation. That’s not because the product is horrendous (it’s not) – but because it doesn’t agree with my skin.

And many apologies for what the sticker on the lid looks like. I’ve had the foundation in my make-up bag for a while and it looks like it got beaten up by the other products in there. 😉

Essence Mousse MakeUpNow let me explain why this foundation didn’t work for me. I have dry skin and I suffer from eczema. My holy grail of make-up – Max Factor’s Pan Stik – often makes me forget that I have difficult skin.

Unfortunately Essence’s mousse foundation did the opposite. As soon as I had applied the foundation, I knew I’d have to redo my make-up. The mousse foundation highlighted a few dry patches which I hadn’t even noticed before. 😦

I also didn’t like that the lightest shade – Matt Ivory – was too dark for me. If you’d like a comparison: Essence’s Matt Ivory is a tad darker than Maybelline’s Ivory (mousse foundation). So if you look for a mousse foundation that’s lighter than Maybelline’s Light Porcelain, keep looking!

I can see that Essence’s Soft Touch Mousse Make-Up could work for women with oily skin. But if you have dry skin, I doubt this foundation will bring you any joy. If you’d like to try this foundation, it’s available for £3.80 at Wilko’s.

Mrs Strawberry Blonde