Primark PS… Brightening Foaming Bubble Mask

Hi there! Today’s post is about a face mask I tried not too long ago – Primark‘s PS… Brightening Foaming Bubble Mask.

This face mask promises to cleanse and to brighten skin. Primark recommends the mask be used weekly.

How does it work? Apply the mask to your face and relax for 15 minutes whilst the mask bubbles up.

Is it any good? I don’t think this mask is anything special. My skin didn’t look or feel different. And I didn’t notice any other difference to my skin at all. But I had a similar mask from Primark before, so I already knew not to expect too much.

What’s good? To be fair, this mask smells very nice (it smells of peach and tea), and I think it’s great fun to use.

If you’d like to give it a try, Primark‘s PS… Brightening Foaming Bubble Mask is available as 10ml for 80p.

Mrs Strawberry Blonde


Garnier Skin Active Matcha + Kaolin Mask

Hi there! ☺️ Today I’m reviewing this Garnier Skin Active Matcha + Kaolin Mask which I picked up for £1 (Poundland).

This face mask contains matcha tea and kaolin clay, and it promises to cleanse pores and to purify skin.

I’ve given this mask a try, and I’m very happy with it.

When I applied the mask, the first thing I noticed was the gorgeous white tea fragrance. It’s mildly refreshing, it’s clean, it’s perfect.

The mask dries quickly without making skin feel uncomfortable. This is nice. After I’d rinsed off the mask, my skin felt squeaky clean but not stripped. I loved how my skin felt and looked.

Based on my experience, I would recommend this face mask to anyone who wants an effective clay mask.

Garnier Skin Active Matcha + Kaolin Mask is available as an 8ml single-use face mask. I will buy it again, no doubt!

Mrs Strawberry Blonde

T-Zone Glitter Mask Peel Off Black

Hi there! I’ve reviewed quite a few face masks last week, and I have another face mask review for you today – that’s because I’ve been trying an insane number of new face masks lately.

This face mask is called T-Zone Glitter Mask Peel Off Black. I don’t know why they put the words in that order. Wouldn’t “Black Glitter Peel Off Mask” have made more sense?!

Well, I’ve now given this mask a try, and I think it’s very effective at lifting off dead skin cells and pulling gunk out of the pores.

However, the glitter is very annoying! Whilst it’s great that the glitter is fully bio-degradeable, it’s messy and it serves no purpose at all. I don’t know what they were thinking…

T-Zone Glitter Mask Peel Off Black is available as 10ml (single use sachet). The price depends on where you shop. I’m not 100% sure but I believe I paid 79p for this mask (Home Bargains).

Mrs Strawberry Blonde

Primark PS… Purifying Rinse Off Mask With Red Clay

Hi there! Not too long I tried Primark’s PS… Purifying Rinse Off Mask with Red Clay. This is a regular clay mask that you’re supposed to leave on for at least 10 minutes before you rinse it off. Whilst this mask promises to give skin a deep cleanse, it also contains sweet almond oil and vitamin E which are beneficial for the skin. This sounds great!

I’ve given this mask a try, and I think it’s one of Primark’s best face masks. The mask didn’t make my skin feel tight or umcomrtable whilst it was drying. When I washed it off, I was happy to see that my skin looked clean and clear and that my pores appeared smaller. And whilst my skin felt squeaky clean, it didn’t feel dry.

All in all, this is a great little face mask that I’m happy to buy again. Primark’s PS… Purifying Rinse Off Mask with Red Clay is available as 15ml for 80p.

Mrs Strawberry Blonde

Skin Treats Glitter Face Pink Hydrogel Glitter Mask

Hi there! Today I’m reviewing this Skin Treats Glitter Face Pink Hydrogel Glitter Mask which I picked up for £1 at my local B&M Bargains store. This mask promises to hydrate skin deeply. It contains chondrus crispus (a species of seaweed which is bursting with minerals and vitamins and is said to protect against UV rays) as the 3rd ingredient. Wow! It also contains vitamin E which is known to be beneficial to skin.

The instructions on the back state that you should cleanse your face, place the mask on your face and leave it on for 20-25 minutes before discarding it. I’ve never used a hydrogel mask before, so I didn’t know what to expect.

I was also a little baffled by another instruction which says that the mask must be used within 3 hours of opening. Yes, I do understand the concept of no added preservatives, but I mention this because with normal 20g or 20ml sheet masks you usually have enough leftover essence for a second sheet mask. Now if you look at the bottom of the sachet in the photo below, you’ll see that it contains 60g of product. This is A LOT! 😲

I’ve wanted to try the mask for a while, but I was put off because it contains a huge amount of essence, and “Glitter Face” implies that the mask might be messy. But I’ve now used the mask, and here’s what I think.

When I opened the sachet and looked inside, I found a huge amount of clear liquid and a pinkish jelly mask with silver holographic glitter stars attached to it. Those glitter stars looked exactly like the glitter stars you can find in all sorts of different Christmas-themed nail polishes or top coats. The jelly mask itself was awful. The width was OK, but the length was a complete joke. It didn’t even cover half my forehead, and the proportions were completely messed up. Due to the awkward fit, the mask didn’t lie flat on my face. It kept slipping all the time, so I had to pull it up time and time again which caused the mask to tear. By the time I removed the mask, it was more like bits and pieces. Disappointing.

I didn’t think the jelly mask was effective, but there was plenty of essence left, so I popped a compressed sheet mask into the sachet. The compressed mask expanded quickly, and I was able to enjoy an actual sheet mask. Well, 2 actually, thanks to huge amount of essence! 😆

Based on my experience, I’m happy to report that the essence felt deeply hydrating (without being greasy or sticky) and firming (!). I was seriously impressed, and I even skipped my night cream that day! My skin felt plumped up and I could still feel the hydration boost when I woke up the next morning. So whilst the jelly mask itself is pretty useless, the essence is really powerful!

Mrs Strawberry Blonde

The Crème Shop Last Christmas “Naughty” Energy Boost Face Mask

Hi there! Today’s post is about The Crème Shop‘s Last Christmas “Naughty” Energy Boost Face Mask which is aimed at people who skimp on sleep, forget about SPF and rub and scrub their skin. This face mask promises to invigorate skin and to improve skin resilience and suppleness.

This mask works like almost any other sheet mask – place it on your cleansed face, leave it alone for 15 minutes (I leave sheet masks on until they’re dry), then massage the remaining essence into your skin. I’ve given this mask a try, and here’s what I think.

I think this mask is fantastic. It feels hydrating without being greasy, it feels refreshing without any dodgy cooling effect, and it appeared to plump up my skin. So yeah, it delivered on its promise! A look at the back of the mask reveals that it’s bursting with botanical extracts – which is impressive!

I like this mask a lot, and I’m glad I dug it up from the clearance section! The Crème Shop’s Last Christmas “Naughty” Energy Boost Face Mask is available as part of a set containing 3 Naughty and 3 Nice face masks – that’s 6 masks in total. I paid £5.99 for the set (TK Maxx Clearance).

Mrs Strawberry Blonde

Maxbrands Luxurious Gold Mask / Peel-Off Face Mask

Hi there! I hope everyone had a good weekend! This week I’m going to post about face masks only, so this week is going to be FACE MASK WEEK. ☺️ And today’s post is about Maxbrands’ Luxurious Gold Mask / Peel-Off Face Mask for normal skin.

Maxbrands is a brand from the Netherlands. I’ve never seen their products anywhere in the UK – until I found their face masks (gold masks and charcoal masks) at my local Home Bargains store. Since a pack of 5 masks was 99p only, I picked up 2 packs right away.

This gold mask promises to give skin a deep cleanse and to remove blackheads. I’ve now used 2 of these masks, and I think they’re the most powerful peel-off masks ever. But let’s start from the beginning…

First of all, if you use peel-off masks a lot, you’re probably used to them being runny. However, these gold masks are much thicker, almost paste-like. These masks don’t take long to dry. I think that leaving them on for 15 minutes is more than enough. Now, when you remove the mask, you have to be extra careful – because it removes blackheads AND facial hair.

If I had known how powerful this mask is before I’d used it, I would have shaved my face. I’m serious! Trust me, you have no idea how much peach fuzz you have until those teeny tiny strands of baby hair are pulled out. My face was bright red for about an hour after I removed the mask, but that was from the unexpected and unwanted peach fuzz removal; this was not an allergic reaction.

Having mentioned this, this mask is actually one of my new favourite products. It made my pores squeaky clean, and it completely transformed my husband’s nose after a single use. My husband enjoys an occasional face mask, but his nose has always been a problem (nose strips didn’t help – we tried). Now I don’t want to spoil your dinner, so all I’m going to say is that once my husband peeled the mask off of his nose, he was actually ashamed of how much gunk it caught. It wasn’t pretty, but again, a single use of this mask completely transformed his nose.

Based on my experience, I would recommend this face mask to anyone who’s fighting a losing battle against their blackheads. Just be aware that you might want to consider shaving your face before you use this mask. I will continue to use this mask on a regular basis, and I have already stocked up on this amazing little product!

Maxbrands’ Luxurious Gold Mask / Peel-Off Face Mask is available as a pack of 5 masks I paid 99p (Home Bargains).

Mrs Strawberry Blonde