Nail Of The Day – Foils & Stamping – Featuring Ciaté, Revlon & Pueen

Stamping and FoilsHi there! I had no idea what to do with my nails the other day. Stamping? Foils? Maybe both? And which base colour(s) would I use?

After a quick scan of my nail stash I decided to use purple and lilac as my base colours.

So I painted my nails with Revlon Colorstay 260 Bold Sangria (pinky, index, thumb) and Ciaté Sugar Plum (ring and middle fingers).

Up next were the foils. I used leftover foils to add a touch of gold to my pinky, index finger and thumb. Purple and gold really look great together! 🙂

Then I chose a stamping plate – Pueen 93 from Pueen’s Buffet Leisure collection. And I stamped on a floral image with my favourite black, Revlon Colorstay 270 Stiletto.

I think the mani turned out quite alright – considering I was totally uninspired. What do you think? Feel free to let me know your thoughts in the comments.

Mrs Strawberry Blonde

Nail Of The Day – Blue, Green and Gold Foils

032016 FoilsHi there! Today’s post is about the easy foil mani I did the other day. I wanted something colourful. Something unusual.  But I didn’t have the time or energy to be creative.

So I just grabbed some clear polish and a few foils. And then I went to work. 🙂

At first I used the blue foil for the background. Then I added lots of green and gold highlights – with the help of leftover bits from foils I’ve used before.

I then sealed the design with one coat of regular clear polish. And – tadaa – my latest foil mani was finished! I think this mani looked colourful and unusual – and I really liked it. Mission accomplished! 🙂

Mrs Strawberry Blonde

Nail Of The Day – Rainbow Foils

Hi there! The past few days were really busy because Christmas 2015 was the first time I ordered most of my sale stuff online. Chasing the postie for my parcels, trying on countless items and returning some of them was quite a drag.

122015 FoilsI usually hit the stores on Oxford Street on Boxing Day – and I am one of those people who catch the first tube to make sure I arrive before everyone else. 🙂

But not this year. I ordered my ‘half price or less’ shopping online, and I only went to Boots to check which half price gift sets were still available in store.

I was really busy with all the clothes, parcels, bags and return notes (first world problems, I know). And I didn’t have the energy to make a fuss about my nails.  So I went with a simple foil mani.

I painted my nails with NYC Expert Last 205 Boundless Berry. And then I went nuts with my favourite multi-coloured foils again. Then top coat. And the job was done!

Mrs Strawberry Blonde

Nail Of The Day – Boots 17 Navy Glint & Foils (Nail Fail)

Boots 17 Navy Glint plus FoilsHi there! I was trying out my Boots 17 Navy Glint nail polish for the first time the other day. And I hated it. The colour looked amazing in the bottle, but unfortunately not in real life.

I also had trouble applying the polish. Not only was the polish quite thick, the flimsy brush didn’t pick up much colour and I found it difficult to control it. The photo speaks for itself. 😀

To be fair, my polish bottle is a mini from a gift set and the regular size bottles may have regular size brushes.

Anyway, I tried to save the mani with colourful foils, but that didn’t work either. I opted for a combo of silver and hot pink foils which did distract from the polish, but still looked hideous.

I wore the mani for a day because I didn’t have the time to redo it. But that was it. Now on to the next nail adventure which – I promise – will be a more interesting one. 🙂

Mrs Strawberry Blonde

Nail Of The Day – Rimmel 60 Seconds 625 Sir, Yes Sir & Foils

Rimmel Sir Yes Sir plus FoilsHi there! You can probably tell by now that I’ve got serious nail foil fever. So you won’t be surprised to see that I’ve done another foil mani.

This time I wanted two colours only, so I selected a gold and a fuchsia foil. I had a quick think about which base colour would be the best one, but it didn’t take me long to choose Rimmel 60 Seconds 625 Sir, Yes Sir! – the same polish I used for my last foil mani.

I don’t know if you like this mani (feel free to let me know), but I think the colours look great together and this mani would be fit for a queen. I love this mani so much that I’m already thinking of which polishes and foils I’d have to use to do a similar mani for Christmas. 😀

Mrs Strawberry Blonde

Nail Of The Day – Rainbow Foils

Rimmel Sir Yes Sir plus FoilsHi there! I haven’t done an all-over rainbow foil mani in ages, so I thought it’s about time to do another one.

I didn’t want the foils to go on a clear base this time, so I painted my nails with Rimmel 60 Seconds 625 Sir, Yes Sir! (on top of a base coat, of course).

When the polish had dried to the point that it was still tacky, I went nuts with foil leftovers in different colours. It looked pretty cool at this point, but I wanted more!

Then I applied a clear polish and added MORE colour from my foil leftovers. I let the mani dry and applied another coat of clear polish. Tadaa – here’s my autumn-style dark rainbow foil mani!

I really loved the finished mani. The last rainbow mani I did in August was pretty cheerful and the colours were lighter. This mani is just as cheerful and colourful, but I love that this time the colours are darker. Feel free to let me know your thoughts on this one.

Mrs Strawberry Blonde

Nail Of The Day – Rainbow Foils

072015 Foils2Hi there! Today’s post is a short one about the foil mani I did the other day.

I had to do something with my nails but I didn’t have much time as it was quite late already and I knew I’d be waking up with sheet marks the next day if I painted my nails.

So I went for an all-over rainbow mani using leftover bits from foils in all colours.

The foil mani looks a bit patchy and uneven in the photo. However, in real life it was the exact opposite – even and without any visible bald spots.

I’ve done countless foil manis which looked much, much better, but I think this mani looks kind of cute. 🙂 I think I will do another rainbow mani soon.

Mrs Strawberry Blonde

Nail Of The Day – NYC Expert Last 240 Velvet Rope & Foils

NYC Expert Last Velvet Rope PLUS FoilsHi there! Here’s another quick NOTD post. I broke a nail recently so I filed them all down. They’re really short at the moment, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be colourful.

So here’s what I did. I painted my nails with two coats of NYC Expert Last 240 Velvet Rope. Initially I wanted to do some stamping, but I couldn’t find my white stamping polish.

I found the dark red polish quite boring… so I had to do something with it! I added pink, gold and blue nail foils all over – and voilà, here’s my colourful summer mani. It’s actually quite cute, isn’t it? 🙂

Mrs Strawberry Blonde

Nail Of The Day – Rimmel Salon Pro 361 Acid House & Foils

Hi there! I’ve been really busy over the past week and I haven’t been able to take many product photos, so I’m doing another quick nail post today. Again, the photo is huge – sorry! So what am I wearing on my nails? I painted my nails with Rimmel Acid House and then I just went nuts with purple and gold foils.
052015 Rimmel Acid House PLUS Foils
Rimmel Acid House is a shimmery dark green – a vampy green if that makes sense. I think it would be perfect for autumn. But the weather’s actually nice and sunny at the moment, so I added a splash of colour using foils. And then I overdid it. 😀 Anyway, I think it looks like a crackle polish mishap, but I still like it.

Mrs Strawberry Blonde