Empties – February 2019

Hi there! It’s the 1st of March – this means that it’s time for my February Empties post. I’ve used a number of single-use face masks. As always, I didn’t keep the empty sachets. But you can click here if you want to read about my latest face mask finds.

Another thing – I achieved something big! What? Well, over the past 2 weeks, I managed to finish 3 lip products! Wow! Anyway, read on if you’d like to know which products I finished between 1 and 28 February!

1 Treacle Moon Happy Melon Sorbet (travel size) – one of the best shower gels ever! I hope Treacle Moon makes this available in 500ml bottles! Pretty please!

2 Flower Pharm Wild Rose Body Butter – one of the best body butters I’ve ever used. Unfortunately, it’s been discontinued! 😪

3 Garnier Skin Active Nourishing Botanical Cleansing Milk – this is a disappointing product. I wouldn’t buy it again.

4 Alberto Balsam Volume Boost Conditioner – this is a fantastic conditioner that I will buy again. If you’re wondering what happened to the matching shampoo… whenever I finish a conditioner, I pass the matching leftover shampoo on to my husband, and I start with a new shampoo and conditioner combo.

5 Tesco Pro Formula Fresh Skin Brightening Foaming Face Wash With Grapefruit & Cranberry – a nice face wash. But I wouldn’t repurchase it because I have too many face washes in my stash.

6 Carex Fun Edition Unicorn Magic Shower And Bath – a nice shower gel. I might buy it again.

7 Imperial Leather Foamy Banana Bath Cream (x2) – yes, I bathed a lot in February. I had a cold, and those warm baths really helped. Anyhoo, Imperial Leather’s Foamy Banana products are simply wonderful. I need to stock up!

8 Claire’s Popcorn Popcorn Lip Balm – one of the best lip balms ever. I’m sad it’s gone because it’s been discontinued, and I can’t repurchase it. 😢

9 Freedom MakeUp London Pro Lipstick Bare 115 Mannequin – I liked the colour, but all in all, this was a low quality lipstick. I wouldn’t buy it again.

10 Manhattan Cosmetics Soft Mat Lip Cream 95G – another unloved lip product that I’m glad is finished. I wouldn’t repurchase it.

11 Vaseline Intensive Care Hand Cream + Anti-Bac – this is a nice hand cream. I have plenty of hand creams to go through before I buy any new ones, but I would repurchase this one.

12 Derma V10 Cocoa Body Butter – this is a great little body butter. I will repurchase it.

13 Treacle Moon Sugared Grapefruit Sunrise – I didn’t like this shower gel at all. It didn’t smell pleasant.

February has been another good month for empties. I’m proud of myself for finishing 3 lip products – I’ve never managed to do this before, and I think it’s been a year since I finished my last lipstick or lip balm!

Which products have you said goodbye to recently? Feel free to get in touch via the comments. And thanks for stopping by!

Mrs Strawberry Blonde

Freedom MakeUp London – Pro Lipstick Bare 115 Mannequin

Hi there! I got myself Freedom’s Pro Lipstick Bare Collection (5 lipsticks) before Christmas. And I’ve only opened it a few days ago. The first lipstick I tried was Freedom MakeUp’s Pro Lipstick Bare 115 Mannequin.

I like my nude/neutral/natural lipstick colours a bit darker – and since 115 is the darkest shade in the Bare Collection, it was destined to be my first victim. 😀
Freedom Bare Lipstick 115 Mannequin
115 Mannequin is a light brown shade with a creamy finish. I like the colour, and I think it suits my skin tone. However, I was hoping this lipstick would be a bit darker. That’s because all the other Bare Collection lippies are lighter, and now I’m thinking I might not even touch the lighter ones… But I’ll report back once I’ve tested the next lighter shade. 🙂

In regards to quality, this isn’t what I’d expect a ‘professional’ lipstick to be like. Whilst this lipstick is nicely pigmented, it doesn’t last very long. So yes, it’s clear this is a cheap lipstick. I will definitely continue to use this beautiful lippie, but I know I’ll have to have it with me because it does require very regular touch-ups.

Freedom MakeUp’s Pro Lipstick Bare 115 Mannequin lipstick is available for £1. It’s also part of Freedom’s Bare Lipstick Collection which is £5.

Mrs Strawberry Blonde