Weekly Recap 18 – 24 April 2022

Hi there! Today’s post is about the posts I’ve written this past week = my weekly blog recap. Read on if you’re wondering which products I reviewed over the last few days.

Monday 18 Apr – Home Bargains Cloe Cat Face Mask
Wednesday 20 Apr – Garnier Pure Active Intensive Charcoal Scrub

Monday’s post was about a face mask. Click here to read it.
No post on Tuesday, but I reviewed a face scrub on Wednesday. Click here to read the post.

Thursday 21 Apr – Rightguard Shower + Oils With Argan, Marula & Almond Oil AND Rightguard Shower + Elixir With Black Orchid

Thursday’s post was about these 2 amazing shower gels. Click here to take a look.

Friday 22 Apr – Marks & Spencer Alphabet Personalised Beauty Gift Set

And on Friday I reviewed 3 products from a gift set. Click here to read the post.

This is it for this week. Enjoy what’s left of the weekend and thanks for stopping by!

Mrs Strawberry Blonde 💙💛

Garnier Pure Active Intensive Charcoal Scrub

Hi there! Today’s post is about this Garnier Pure Active Intensive Charcoal Scrub with salicylic acid.

This scrub is aimed at people with oily to spot-prone skin. It promises to cleanse the skin, to eliminate impurities and excess sebum, and to help fight spots and marks.

On the back of the tube it says that the scrub is not recommended for people with sensitive or dry skin.

On paper, the scrub is not suitable for me, but I rarely have trouble with supposedly harsher products; instead it’s usually products for sensitive skin that give me a rash or cause my eyes to swell up.

On another note, this scrub is meant for daily use, so how “bad” can it be?

I’ve used this scrub for a few times now, and I think its cleansing and exfoliating powers are average. I would say this product exfoliates skin gently. Based on its name and what it says on the back of the tube, I would have expected a more powerful scrub. Ah well… On a more positive note, this scrub hasn’t caused my skin any trouble, so it’s definitely suitable for me.

I will continue to use this scrub, but I wouldn’t buy it again. Garnier Pure Active Intensive Charcoal Scrub is available as 150ml. I think I paid £3.

Mrs Strawberry Blonde 💙💛