Empties – October 2020

Hi there! Today’s the first working day in November, so this post is about all the products I emptied in October. Read on if you’re wondering which products I managed to finish last month.

1 Boots No7 Protect & Perfect Intense Day Hand Cream – a lovely hand cream! I’d be happy to have it again as part of a gift set, but it’s quite expensive, so I won’t buy it on its own.

2 Boots No 7 Protect & Perfect Lip Care – this is the best lip care product I’ve ever tried. Repurchase? Yes!

3 Boots Botanics Hydrating Serum Capsules – I loved these! I have one bottle left in my stash (and I’ll use those capsules soon). Unfortunately, these were discontinued. Otherwise, I’d buy them again and again…

4 Boots No. 7 Youthful Replenishing Facial Oil – one of the best facial oils I’ve tried so far. I will repurchase this one too, no doubt!

5 Boots Extracts Sweet Mango Body Spray – I love this fragrance! It’s sad that Boots discontinued the entire Extracts line, so unfortunately, I can’t buy this one again.

6 Palmolive Italian Gardens Shower Gel – this was an amazing shower gel! Too bad it was a limited edition…

7 Vaseline Intensive Care Cocoa Radiant Non-Greasy Lotion – this is a wonderful body lotion. Repurchase? Yes!

8 Gliss Liquid Silk Conditioner – this is a nice conditioner. I will buy it (and the matching shampoo) again, no doubt!

9 Palmolive Naturals Pomegranate Shower Gel – I liked this shower gel quite a bit. I think I’ll buy it again.

10 Original Source Mango & Macadamia Shower – this is a lovely shower gel. Too bad that it’s no longer available. I have one more bottle though!

11 Beauty UK White Nail Polish – an old favourite! Too bad it’s no longer available!

12 Garnier Skin Active Refreshing Botanical Toner With Aloe Extract – not my favourite. I won’t repurchase it.

13 Superdrug B. Confident Hyaluronic Acid Facial Spritz – one of holy grail products! I have plenty of back-up!

14 Primark PS 2 in 1 Base & Top Coat – an OK clear polish. Dries a bit too slowly for my liking. I have 1 more bottle.

15 Boots Extracts Cocoa Butter Bath Cream (x2) – I love this bath cream! Unfortunately, this product has been discotinued. I have one more bottle in my stash though.

16 Kallos Multivitamin Energising Hair Mask – a very good hair mask! But it was a 1000ml which took me ages to finish. I won’t ever buy such a big bottle of any kind of product again!

I’m happy with what I finished. I hope I can keep this up until at least the end of the year. Thanks for stopping by! x

Mrs Strawberry Blonde

Weekly Recap 5 – 11 October 2020

Hi there! Today’s post is my weekly blog recap. I didn’t post on Monday and Friday, but there were 3 posts in between. So read on if you’re wondering what I’ve been up to on my blog this past week.

Tuesday 6 Oct – Nivea Love Fun Times Pink Grapefruit Caring Shower Gel, Nivea Love Splash Aquatic Caring Shower Gel

On Tuesday I reviewed these 2 shower gels. Click here to read the post.

Wednesday 7 Oct – Revisiting Old Favourites – Gliss Liquid Silk Shampoo & Conditioner

Wednesday’s post was about this hair care combo. Click here to read the post.

Thursday 8 Oct – Elizavecca Milky Piggy Hell-Pore Cleanup AHA Fruit Toner

On Thursday I reviewed this AHA toner. Click here to read the post.

And this is already it for today. Thanks for stopping by! 🥰

Mrs Strawberry Blonde

Revisiting Old Favourites – Gliss Liquid Silk Shampoo & Conditioner

Hi there! Today’s post is about Gliss Liquid Silk Shampoo & Conditioner. I used to like these products very much, but with new products being launched all the time, I haven’t gotten around to revisit these old favourites in years – until now! And here’s what I think!

Gliss Liquid Silk Shampoo is lovely! It does feel like liquid silk, and the amazing fragrance (like a mix of silk and velvet) is just perfect. I’m enjoying this shampoo very much.

Gliss Liquid Silk Conditioner is really nice too. It’s not the best conditioner on the planet, but it’s better than average at making my hair feel soft and silky. I also like that the beautiful fragrance lingers in my hair for hours. Nice!

Based on my experience, I’d recommend these products. Gliss Liquid Silk Shampoo is available as 250ml, the Conditioner is available as 200ml. I paid £1 each (discount store).

Mrs Strawberry Blonde