August Beauty Awards

Hi there! It’s the last day of the month – this means that today’s post is about my favourite products from this past month. Let’s start with the TOP 3 – and there’ll be honourable mentions too!

3rd place – Palmolive Aroma Therapy Morning Tonic, Sensual, Absolute Relax

Palmolive knocked it out of the park with these amazing shower gels. 11 stars!

Runner-Up – Global Beauty Care Anti Aging Collection Glycolic Acid Spa Treatment Mask

This glycolic acid sheet mask is the bomb! Brighter skin immediately! Wow!

WINNER – Danielle 2 In 1 Jade Dual Sided Facial Roller

This facial roller is my new favourite beauty tool. I use it daily, and it’s absolutely marvellous. I cannot imagine skin care without it.

Onto the honourable mentions! Farm Skin Mangosteen Balancing Sheet Mask is a wonderful mask – my fourth favourite product this month! I also enjoyed another mask from the same brand – Farm Skin Beet Moisturizing Sheet Mask. Tesco did a great with their Masking Reviving Orange Flower & Ginger Sheet Face Mask too.

Onto some non-mask favourites! Radox Mineral Therapy Sleep Aromatherapy Bath Salts With Lavender & Ylang Ylang are lovely. And Garnier Body Tonic Firming Hydrating Lotion is a very good body lotion for the warmer months!

And this is it for August. I enjoyed so many new products this month that I found it hard to limit myself to these! So yes, August was a great month for new products. Thanks for stopping by today!

Mrs Strawberry Blonde

Global Beauty Care Anti Aging Collection Glycolic Acid Spa Treatment Mask

Hi there! Today’s post is about this Global Beauty Care Anti Aging Collection Glycolic Acid Spa Treatment Mask which I found at TK Maxx. This mask is aimed at all skin types, and it works by removing dead skin cells through chemical exfoliation. This mask claims to… help promote cell renewal, reduce oil and help slow down the ageing process for a more radiant appearance.

Here’s the how to! Cleanse your skin, put the mask on, leave it on for 15 minutes, then take it off and wash off any residue as the essence is powerful and, according to the manufacturer, might cause an unwanted skin reaction.

I’ve given this mask a try, and I think it’s brilliant. It has an immediate brightening effect, and it makes my skin feel soft and look more radiant indeed. It doesn’t feel harsh on the skin – pretty much like every other regular sheet mask. However, I did follow the instructions with respect to taking the mask off and washing it off after 15 minutes. Glycolic acid is a powerful ingredient, and it’s best not to overdo it.

Based on my experience, I’d recommend this mask (always check you’re not allergic or sensitive to any of the ingredients, of course). Global Beauty Care Anti Aging Collection Glycolic Acid Spa Treatment Mask as a pack of 5 masks for £4.99 (TK Maxx). I have used 2 masks, so I have 3 left, but I can see myself stocking up on these!

Mrs Strawberry Blonde