Weekly Recap 1 – 7 Jan 2018

Hi there! Welcome to my first weekly blog recap of 2018! Read on if you’d like to know what I’ve been up to on my blog this week.

Monday 1 Jan – December Empties

Monday’s post was about all the products I emptied in December. Click here to read the post.

Tuesday 2 Jan – Nail Of The Day / A-Z Nail Art Challenge
Wednesday 3 Jan – Tesco Pro Formula Fresh Skin Brightening Face Scrub

Tuesday’s post was about a mani I did recently. Click here to read the post.
And on Wednesday I reviewed a face scrub. Click here to read the post.

Thursday 4 Jan – Imperial Leather Funfair Nostalgia & Enchanting Romance

On Thursday I reviewed 2 Imperial Leather shower gels. Click here to read the post.

Friday 5 Jan – Boxing Day Haul

And Friday’s post was about all the stuff I bought on Boxing Day. Click here to read the post.

And this is already it for this week. I hope you enjoy the rest of the weekend. Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

Mrs Strawberry Blonde

Vegan & Cruelty-Free – Superdrug Tea Tree Skin Care Pink Grapefruit Facial Wash

Superdrug Grapefruit Face WashHi there! Last summer I tried Superdrug’s Tea Tree & Lemon Face Wash. I thought it was a really decent face wash, so it was obvious that I’d have to try its sister product – the grapefruit face wash – too.

Now, several months later I’m using Superdrug’s Tea Tree Skincare Grapefruit Facial Wash with tea tree and grapefruit oils and camomile extract. And I couldn’t be happier with this product.

Just like the lemon face wash, this grapefruit face wash is really effective. It makes my face feel really clean and refreshed. But it’s not drying, so I can use it twice daily without having to worry about dry skin. Awesome stuff!

The grapefruit fragrance isn’t as lovely as I had hoped. Sure, it smells nice, but it’s not the most intense or the purest grapefruit fragrance.

Saying this, I’ll definitely buy this face wash again! And I’d totally recommend this face wash to anyone who wants an effective, but gentle facial cleanser, or anyone who loves cosmetics or toiletries containing tea tree oil and / or grapefruit.

Superdrug’s Tea Tree Skincare Grapefruit Facial Wash (150 ml) is available for £3.29. But keep an eye on Superdrug’s half price or BOGOF offers! There was one BOGOF offer recently – maybe it’s still on? And don’t foget about the best bit: This products is vegan and cruelty-free, and it carries the Leaping Bunny logo!

Mrs Strawberry Blonde