I Heart MakeUp Lip Geek Dream About Success, Manhattan Colour Loop Lipgloss 45B Red Passion

Hi there! Today’s post is about 2 lip products – I Heart MakeUp Lip Geek Dream About Success and Manhattan Colour Loop Lipgloss 45B Red Passion.

Let’s s start with I Heart MakeUp Lip Geek Dream About Success which I received as a free gift with purchase! As you can see in the pic above, this is a peachy shade. I find it extremely unflattering. It makes me look terminally ill. The formula is also not the best – it’s not very soft and applying the lipstick is more like dragging it on. Not good. I’ll bin this lipstick. I won’t be able to use it.

Onto this Manhattan Colour Loop Lipgloss 45B Red Passion! This lipgloss is amazing! I love it. It has a subtle berry flavour, it’s not sticky, it’s very hydrating, and it has a flattering red tint. I’m enjoying this lipgloss very much! I found this lipgloss at Poundland – it was either £1, or part of a 2 for £1 value pack. Either way, a total steal! 😍

Mrs Strawberry Blonde

MakeUp Revolution Haul! Products Worth over £30 FOR FREE!

Hi there! Just a few weeks ago MakeUp Revolution did a sensational promotion. It was something like buy stuff worth £30 and get lots of products FOR FREE! Let me show you the goodies – which items I paid for and which ones came for free.
MUR Haul
The Fastlove and MakeUp Geek palettes were part of the free products bundle. The Fastlove palette is usually £5.99, the MakeUp Geek palette is £7.99. I’ve been ogling both palettes for a while, so it’s great they came for free. 🙂
MUR Haul
The next palettes are Unicorns Unite, Welcome To The Pleasuredome and Girl Panic. These palettes are normally £6, but MUR did a 3 for 2 promotion, so I paid £12 in total for these three palettes.

MUR HaulNow on to the smaller products. I bought 8 liphug lipsticks (red packaging) for £1.50 each – that’s £12 in total. Everything else in the pic to the right came for free! The freebies were 3 lip geek lipsticks, a purplish WOW lipgloss, a blush stick (‘Malibu’), an ultra velour lip lacquer, a single eyeshadow (black) and a small plastic container filled with loose pigments. I won’t be using all these products, but I can give some of them away!

I understand that the freebies are either not as popular as the bestsellers or that they’re going to be discontinued, but seriously, the products are good and some of them were on my wish list, so I won’t complain. 😀

Mrs Strawberry Blonde