February Beauty Awards

Hi there! It’s the end of the month, so it’s time for my Monthly Favourites post. As usual, I picked my favourites from all the products I reviewed this past month, and there’s a Top 3 as well as a few honourable mentions.

3rd place – Alberto Balsam Exotic Mango Shampoo & Conditioner

Alberto Balsam did a great job with these amazing mango-scented hair products.

Runner-Up – Jayjun Pollution-Proof Refreshing Mask

Jayjun’s green sheet mask was a lovely surprise! I can’t wait to stock up!

WINNER – Agent Provocateur Fatale Eau De Parfum

Fatale is simply a great fragrance. I already bought a big 100ml bottle as a backup!

Onto the honourable mentions! Radox Mineral Therapy Muscle Soak Bath Salts, Superdrug Vitamin E Skin Care Original Moisturising Shower Cream and Palmolive Gourmet Chocolate Passion Body Butter Shower Cream are super lovely.

Boots No 7 Radiant Results Revitalising Daily Face Polish, Creightons Manuka Honey Hydrating Hand Cream and Masking Beautifying Rose & Green Tea Sheet Face Mask are awesome too!

Have you tried any of these products, or would you like to try any of them? Which products have you been loving lately? Feel free to comment and thanks for stopping by! 😘

Mrs Strawberry Blonde

Jayjun Pollution-Proof Refreshing Mask

Hi there! Today’s post is about this Jayjun Pollution-Proof Refreshing Mask. This mask promises to moisturise skin and to repel dust (?). I’m not sure what they meant to say. 🤷 Anyhoo, this face mask is loaded with botanical extracts, and you’re supposed to use it after you’ve cleansed your face. Leave it on for 10-20 minutes, then follow with your normal skin care.

I’ve given this mask a try, and I think it’s very good! The mask itself is light green, and the essence is clear. I found this mask to be deeply hydrating and very refreshing. I liked that the mask didn’t feel sticky, and I loved that it plumped up my skin. Based on my experience, I’d recommend this face mask! If my local TK Maxx has any of these left when the store reopens, I’ll stock up!

Jayjun Pollution-Proof Refreshing Mask is available as a pack of 5 x 27ml face masks. I paid £3.99 (TK Maxx).

Mrs Strawberry Blonde

Jayjun Pollution-Proof Luminous Mask

Hi there! Welcome to face mask week! This week I’ll be posting about face masks only, and today’s post is about this Jayjun Pollution-Proof Luminous Mask with niacinamide 😍, pro-vitamin B5 and lots of botanical extracts. This mask promises to brighten skin and to repel dust. I’ve seen a few funny translations, but this is my favourite so far. 😂

I’ve given this mask a try, and I found it very enjoyable. The essence is similar to Olay’s original pink Beauty Fluid – maybe a bit thicker. It’s hydrating, it made my skin feel soft, and I would agree that it’s mildly brightening. This mask is on the stickier side, but it’s definitely OK considering how lovely this mask is.

Jayjun Pollution-Proof Luminous Mask is available as a pack of 5 x 27ml face masks. I paid £3.99 (TK Maxx).

Mrs Strawberry Blonde