L’Oréal Nail Polish Haul – Confettis, Tweed & Carat Top Coats

Hi there! Today’s post is not a review. But I wanted to show off my new L’Oréal top coats. 🙂 The first four toppers (from left to right) are 926 Independence Day (red, blue and white hex glitter), 927 Splash Peach (pastel yellow and peach hex glitter), 929 Graffiti D’Amour (red, pink and white hex glittr), and 925 Mini Camouflage (black and light green hex glitter). These beauties are from L’Oréal’s Confettis top coat collection.
L'Oréal Confettis
And (from left to right) these are the remaining four pretty toppers: 919 Grace Tweed (turquoise and white feather-style bar glitter) and 917 Jackie Tweed (pale yellow, orange and light blue feather-style bar glitter) from L’Oréal’s Tweed range. And 910 Gold Carat (gold topper) and 909 Saphyr Carat (shimmery blue glitter) from L’Oréal’s Carat collection.
L'Oréal Toppers
I can’t wait to try them all! L’Oréal’s Color Riche nail polishes and top coat are £4.99 for 5 ml. But you can find quite a lot of them in discount stores. I paid 99p per topper only. 🙂

Mrs Strawberry Blonde

Nail Of The Day – L’Oréal Color Riche 701 Midnight Mistress & Stamping with Pueen 59

L'Oreal Midnight Mistress PLUS Pueen 59Hi there! Today’s post is about nails again. I”m enjoying stamping again and in the past couple of weeks I’ve done quite a few manis with the help of my Pueen Stamping Buffet image plates.

The base colour is L’Oréal Color Riche 701 Midnight Mistress. This is the darkest blue in my nail polish collection. It reminds me of Nails Inc.’s Motcomb Street, but L’Oréal’s formula is much better.

The white stamping polish is from Essence. It’s called Essence Nail Art Stampy Polish 01. As you can see it stamps very well. And it’s only £1.50 so it’s a total bargain. The floral stamping plate is Pueen 59.

I really like this mani and I’m impressed with the white polish. Thank you, Essence!

Mrs Strawberry Blonde