100% Cruelty-Free – Superdrug Manuka Honey Peel-Off Mask

Hi there! Today I’m reviewing Superdrug’s Manuka Honey Peel-Off Mask which is aimed at people with sensitive skin.

This mask with manuka honey and chamomile flower promises to lift away dead skin cells and impurities to reveal a clearer complexion.

Does it work? Yes, it does! As soon as I peeled off the mask, I could feel that my skin was softer, smoother and clearer. Fantastic stuff!

And the wonderfully sweet and cuddly honey fragrance is an added bonus!

I would recommend this face mask to everyone! And I will definitely repurchase this mask. I can’t wait to go shopping! 🙂

Superdrug’s Manuka Honey Peel-Off Mask is available for 99p. Superdrug also runs 3 for 2 promotions almost all the time – fantastic value! Oh, and by the way, this face mask is 100% cruelty-free!

Mrs Strawberry Blonde


100% Cruelty-Free – Montagne Jeunesse 7th Heaven Manuka Honey Peel Off Mask

Hi there! Just a few days ago I tried Montagne Jeunesse’s 7th Heaven Manuka Honey Peel-Off Face Mask for the first time.

I think this mask is fantastic, and I know I’ll buy it again! Now let me tell you why I like this face mask so much. 🙂

OK, this mask is like every other peel-off mask out there. You apply it, you let it dry, you peel it off (which is awesome fun), then you wash your face – and that’s it! Job done!

Now I like this mask because it made my face look refreshed and considerably clearer within minutes. It made my face look and feel great – it was that simple. And believe me, it was hard to resist the urge to touch my face all the time… 😀

I also loved the warm honey fragrance – it was delicious! If you like the scent of honey, you’ll love this face mask! So yeah, get it!

Montagne Jeunesse’s 7th Heaven Manuka Honey Peel-Off Face Mask is available for £1 (give or take a few pence – depending on where you shop). This face mask is approved by the Vegetarian Society and by BUAV. It carries the Leaping Bunning logo which means that it’s certified cruelty-free!

Mrs Strawberry Blonde

100% Cruelty-Free – Superdrug Vitamin E Skin Care All Over Body Cream With Manuka Honey

Hi there! Today’s post is about Superdrug’s Vitamin E Skin Care All Over Body Cream With Manuka Honey. This cream is a limited edition – so I bought two tubs when they ran a ‘buy one, get second half price’ promotion about two weeks ago.

First of all, this cream smells very nice. I’d describe the scent as exotic and warm. The coconut oil in this product is quite noticeable. But (as someone who doesn’t like the scent or taste of coconuts) let me assure you this cream doesn’t have this overpoweringly sweet and dense fragrance which many coconut products have. This cream smells lovely, and – judging by its scent – you’d think it’s a high-end product!
Superdrug Vitamin E Manuka Honey Cream
I think this body cream is really good. It feels rich and moisturising, and it takes care of dry skin. I’d even say it’s calming! And despite the rich formula, this cream doesn’t feel sticky at all after a few minutes. I love it! And if it wasn’t a limited edition, I’d say this cream could become a beauty staple!

Superdrug’s Vitamin E Skin Care All Over Body Cream With Manuka Honey (limited edition) is available as 475ml for £2.99. Very good value! The product carries the Leaping Bunny logo – it’s cruelty-free and suitable for vegetarians!

Mrs Strawberry Blonde