Empties – March 2022

Hi there! Today’s post is about all the stuff I finished in March. Let’s take a look at all the products I said goodbye to. 🙂

1 Jil Sander Simply Elixir Rich Body Cream – a very nice body cream. This one was part of a gift set. I don’t think I’d buy a full-size body lotion, but if I can get my hands on another gift set for a decent price, I’d be happy to have it! By the way, if you’re looking for a lady’s version of Dior Fahrenheit, you might want to check out this fragrance!

2 Sanctuary Spa Hand Cream – just lovely! I have a few more tubes in my stash.

3 Patisserie De Bain Pineapple Paradise Hand Cream – actually a really good hand cream. Repurchase-worthy.

4 Olay Essentials Smoothing Face Scrub – a decent face scrub. I have at least one more tube in my stash.

5 Carex Nourishing Shower Cream – a nice shower cream. Repurchase-worthy!

6 Vaseline Intensive Care Advanced Repair Fragrance-Free Non-Greasy Lotion – a really good body lotion for very dry skin. I might buy it again.

7 Ekél Natural Clean Peeling Gel Apricot – what a lovely peeling gel! I have another one (different scent) in my stash

8 Imperial Leather SkinKind Raspberry & Lime Blossom Enriching Body Wash – I liked this shower gel, and I have one more bottle in my stash.

9 Palmolive Naturals Irresistible Softness Black Orchid & Moisturising Milk Shower Milk – a wonderful shower gel. Unfortunately it has been discontinued. I think I have another bottle though!

10 Superdrug Vitamin C Detox Skincare Revitalising Jam Face Mask – this is a decent scrub mask. I would buy it again!

11 Oriflame M by Marcel Marongiu – what a lovely, unique fragrance! Too bad it was a limited edition from eons ago…

12 Pantene Pro-V Miracles Grow Strong Biotin + Bamboo Shampoo & Conditioner – such a nice surprise! I will buy this conditioner (and the matching shampoo) again. My husband is enjoying the leftover shampoo too (once I finish a conditioner, I pass the matching leftover shampoo on to my husband).

13 Boots Extracts Sweet Mango Body Wash – a lovely shower gel. Unfortunately discontinued.

I’m glad I finished a few more shower gels which were in various states of empty. I also used a bunch of single use face masks. I think I did well again in March! I hope April will be good too. I know I’ll finish 2 more products this weekend.

Mrs Strawberry Blonde 💙💛

Oriflame M by Marcel Marongiu

Hi there! Today’s post is about another Oriflame fragrance. Its name is M by Marcel Marongiu. But I just call it Marcel. 🙂 This fragrance contains the following notes: wormwood, rose and incense (top notes), rose, date and iris (heart notes), and patchouli, amber and suede (base notes). If you think Marcel sounds like a powerful fragrance, you’re absolutely right!
Oriflame Marcel
Marcel is headstrong and individual. It’s smokey and sweet, leathery and resinous, and it’s hot and cool at the same time. Marcel is powerful and empowering, it’s captivating and irritating. Marcel isn’t mainstream. And it’s not a fragrance you can buy without testing it first.

I think Marcel is the perfect fragrance for an independent and confident woman who follows no one but herself. That’s because Marcel oozes power – it’s intense and I can see that some might even find it intimidating! Let me say that there are days when I can’t enjoy Marcel. However, I always admire it. And I love Marcel because of what it is!

Oriflame M by Marcel Marongiu is a limited edition fragrance. So you might have trouble finding it. But if someone offers you a sample, you should take it! 🙂

Mrs Strawberry Blonde