Miss Sporty Studio Colour Duo Eye Shadow 204 Babe

Hi there! I’ve added a nother mini eyeshadow duo to my beauty stash. This is Miss Sporty Studio Colour Duo Eye Shadow 204 Babe. I got this one for 50p, so I won’t moan about how disappointed I was when I realised this was a sparkly eye duo (I swear it looked matte in store). Anyway, I managed to work it into my routine.  🙂
Miss Sporty Studio Colour Duo Eye Shadows 204 Babe
I would describe the two eyeshadows as a pale lavender and a soft purple. I’ve taken photos with and without flash. For some reason the shimmer doesn’t show up in the bottom swatch (no flash), but you can trust me, it’s there. And it’s quite prominent.

In terms of quality, I’m happy with the intensity of the colours and that they stay put. They’re just as good as Rimmel or Sleek eyeshadows. Whilst I wouldn’t do an eye make-up with these two shades only, I’ve done a few nice looks combining these two with greens and neutrals from my Garden of Eden palette.

I believe Miss Sporty Studio Colour Duo Eye Shadow 204 Babe has been discontinued, but you might still find it online or in a bargain store.

Mrs Strawberry Blonde

Miss Sporty Morning Baby BB Cream 001 Nude Radiance

miss psortyMiss Sporty Morning Baby BB CreamHi there! I could never warm up to primers because they make my dry skin worse, but someone suggested I try a BB Cream – and that’s what I did. I thought I’d start with a cheap product and see how it goes first. And that’s how I ended up using Miss Sporty Morning Baby BB Cream in 001 Nude Radiance.

At first let me tell you that this product is not a BB Cream. It doesn’t contain sunscreen and I don’t feel like I’m getting any skin benefits from it. It claims to be a skin perfecting make-up, but I don’t see it. At all.

Based on my experience using this product under my actual make-up for several weeks now, I don’t think it’s moisturising, it doesn’t erase skin imperfections, it doesn’t make my skin feel or look smoother, and it doesn’t give my skin a natural complexion.

I find the shade 001 Nude Radiance to be too dark and too orange. I would have expected a lighter shade. I’m also not happy with the coverage I get from this BB Cream – it doesn’t do much in this regard.

Another thing that really annoys me is that I have to apply the right amount the first time as it’s not buildable and it will start to crumble (yes, crumble!). I have now found the right amount of product to use, but the tube is almost empty…

I wouldn’t really recommend Miss Sporty Morning Baby BB Cream – unless you have oily skin and an even skin tone. I know this product is aimed at teenagers, but I don’t see how it would help cover up blemishes and the likes.

If you want to try Miss Sporty Morning Baby BB Cream, it’s available in two shades – Nude Radiance and Beach Radiance – for ÂŁ3.49 each at most drugstores.

Mrs Strawberry Blonde