100% Vegan & Cruelty-Free – M&S Fragrance Collection Mimosa & Bergamot Eau De Toilette

Hi there! Today’s post is about this M&S Fragrance Collection Mimosa & Bergamot Eau De Toilette which I bought as part of a fragrance duo. The other fragrance is Peony & Rhubarb, and I’ve already reviewed it.

But let’s focus on the Mimosa & Bergamot fragrance now. According to M&S, it contains… bergamot, pink grapefruit and coconut water (top notes), ocean breeze (?), fig leaf and violet (heart notes), and sea salt, sandalwood and musk (base notes). M&S doesn’t mention “mimosa” in the notes. 🤷

I think this fragrance is good. But unfortunately, it hasn’t wowed me.

Ler’s start with what it smells like – the bergamot and musk notes are very strong. The bergamot note in particular gives the fragrance a rather masculine feel. This fragrance smells like a summer edition of a “for men” fragrance.

I don’t really mind looking at fragrances as unisex – I love the pink Joop “for men”, and I’ve been obsessed with Midnight in Paris – another “for men” fragrance – until it was discontinued. At the same time, I love it when my husband wears D&G Light Blue “for women” – which, I think, is THE most perfect unisex fragrance ever.

Having said all this, Mimosa & Bergamot is a lot more masculine than any of the fragrances I listed above. I also find it more masculine than CK Be. I do like wearing it, but I actually prefer this fragrance on my husband. Why am I saying all of this? Well, I was hoping for another sweet and cuddly fragrance like M&S Vanilla & Woods. And if you have the same expectations, you’ll be disappoined. However, if you love the sugarfree zest of bergamots, this fragrance might be right up your street.

If you’re interested, M&S Fragrance Collection Mimosa & Bergamot Eau De Toilette is available as 100ml for £12.50. I have a 50ml special edition from a gift set. Also, this fragrance is vegan and certified cruelty-free – it carries THE Leaping Bunny! 😍

Mrs Strawberry Blonde