NSPA Sharp And Uplifting Lemon Bath & Shower Gel

Hi there! Today’s post is about NSPA‘s Sharp And Uplifting Lemon Shower & Bath Gel.

I had this shower gel stashed away for quite some time, and I almost forgot about it. But about 2 weeks ago I did an inventory of one of the boxes under the bed (don’t ask…), and this shower gel was one of a few summery shower products that I moved to the bathroom. 🙂

Now… is this shower gel any good? Yes, it is. The lemon fragrance is tangy and refreshing. It smells just as awesome as Original Source’s lemon shower gel. I also love the sherbet-like texture which adds to the cool feel of the shower gel.

I know NSPA‘s Sharp And Uplifting Lemon Shower & Bath Gel will serve me well this summer. If you’d like to try this shower gel, it’s available as 500ml for £3. I bought it when Asda ran a 3 for £4 promotion.

Have you tried this product? Have you tried any of the other NSPA shower gels? If so, which ones are your favourites? Feel free to get in touch via the comments. And thanks for reading!

Mrs Strawberry Blonde

NSPA Pineapple Shower & Bath Gel, Pineapple Fragrance Body Mist

Hi there! Today’s post is about two summer-themed products – NSPA Pineapple Shower & Bath Gel and NSPA Pineapple Fragrance Body Mist. NSPA products are exclusive to Asda, and the fruity body care products (500ml shower gels, 200ml body mists) are usually £3 each. I paid £2 each (2 for £4 promotion). Now onto the review!
NSPA Pineapple
NSPA Pineapple Shower & Bath Gel is more like a shower cream. It’s not the most refreshing shower poduct, but it’s not drying which is nice. The fragrance is sweet and exotic – almost like real pineapples. NSPA Pineapple Fragrance Body Mist is quite enjoyable as well. The pineapple fragrance isn’t very longlasting, but that’s OK really because this is obviously just a body mist.

All in all, I think these two products are quite reasonable and definitely good value for money. If you’re interested, give these products a sniff the next time you swing by your local Asda store. 🙂

Mrs Strawberry Blonde