Oriflame Believe

Hi there! I haven’t done a ‘real’ fragrance post in a while, so I thought it’s about time for one! Today I’m telling you about one of the most beautiful fragrances I’ve ever had – Oriflame Believe.

First of all, this fragrance has been discontinued a while ago. And I only have it because it was part of a small fragrance collection I blind-bought a while ago. I think it was about 10 or so Oriflame fragrances in total – but they were really cheap.
Oriflame Believe
OK, now back to the fragrance! Believe contains the following notes: jasmin and rose, peach, cedar and amber. And Believe is an overall floriental fragrance. It’s warm, sensual, intense and really beautiful. I’d describe it as a warm peach and rose mix with an amber background.

You may think it smells like TrĂ©sor – but it doesn’t. Believe actually reminds me of the original Organza – before Givenchy ruined changed the formula. But Believe is actually better! It has so many layers and it lingers for hours. It’s a real gem and I think Oriflame made a huuuge mistake when they discontinued Believe.

I think Oriflame Believe deserves 11 stars! If you’d like to try it, you might be lucky and find it online. But I don’t know how much you’d have to fork out. If you find it for cheap, I’d totally recommend you just buy it. 🙂

Mrs Strawberry Blonde