Palmolive Mediterranean Moments Apricot & Strawberry and Argan Oil & Almond

Hi there! Today’s post is about Palmolive’s Mediterranean Moments Apricot & Strawberry and Argan Oil & Almond. These two shower milks sounded promising, so I bought them unsniffed. But now that I’ve been using these shower milks for a few days, I’m a bit on the fence. And here’s why…
Palmolive Mediterranean Moments
These two shower milks feel great on my skin. They’re super soft and silky, and they don’t dry out my skin at all. Great formula!

But the Apricot & Strawberry shower milk smells very generic. The fragrance isn’t bad, but I think this non-sweet fruity concoction is quite forgettable. The Argan Oil & Almond shower milk smells too spicy for my taste. If I had sniffed this one in-store, I would have put it back on the shelf.

I won’t be buying these shower milks again – but that’s only because I don’t like the fragrances. The next person might love them. Still, if you’re looking for a gentle shower product, I would definitely recommend these two shower milks. Just have a sniff before you buy! 🙂

Palmolive Mediterranean Moments shower milks are available as 250ml for about ÂŁ2 each. However, I’ve also seen these products at the Poundstores. And not too long ago these shower mils were 90p each at Asda. So keep your eyes peeled for the best offer.

Mrs Strawberry Blonde