Empties – January 2023

Hi there! Today’s post is about all the products I finished in January. The post was meant to go up on the 1st, but work is still crazy. Anyhoo, let’s look at the empties!

1 Essano Rosehip Visible Lift Eye Crème – a decent eye cream, but not the most special one. I wouldn’t buy it again.

2 Boots Glow Pineapple Serum – this serum was nice enough while it lasted, but I don’t think that it’s repurchase-worthy.

3 I Love… Mango & Papaya Nourishing Body Butter – a nice body butter. But I wouldn’t buy it again as the fragrance started to bore me halfway through the tub.

4 Faith In Nature Aloe Vera Hand Made Soap (no photo) – this is an alright soap. Not bad, but not great. It took me a while to finish it as I always have several shower products in the shower, and this soap was never my first choice. I wouldn’t buy it again.

5 Poundland #6 Vit C Toner – this is an amazing toner! Vitamin C, glycolid acid, retinol… what more can you want? £3 for 300ml. An incredible bargain!

6 Herbal Essences Moisture Balance Conditioner – an all-time HOLY GRAIL product. I have plenty of these conditioners and shampoos left in my stash for years to come!

7 Oriflame Believe – such a lovely fragrance! I have another bottle somewhere!

8 Paco Rabanne Ultraviolet – this is a nice fragrance, but nothing I would enjoy wearing all the time. My husband liked this fragrance on me, but I wouldn’t buy it again.

9 Palmolive Naturals Pampering Touch With Coconut & Moisturising Milk – one of my all-time favourite shower gels. Too bad it’s no longer available. I have one more bottle in my stash though.

10 Astonish Bath Soak Soothing Deep Blue – the fragrance is a bit too masculine for me. I might repurchase it, but more for my husband than for me.

11 Westlab Himalayan Salt Cleansing Bath & Shower Gel – another all-time favourite shower gel. I bought 2 more bottles about 2 weeks ago. This shower gel is so special!

12 Superdrug Naturally Radiant Moisturising Facial Oil (no photo) – I liked this facial oil a lot! I wanted to buy it again but it’s been discontinued. What a shame!

I’m glad I managed to finish a few more products in January. The past 2 months have been remarkably bad for empties. Hopefully I can finish lots of products this year. Fingers crossed! And thanks for stopping by today!

Mrs Strawberry Blonde 💙💛

I Love… Juicy Watermelon Revitalizing Shower Gel & Palmolive Naturals Pomegranate Shower Gel

Hi there! Today’s post is about 2 shower gels – I Love… Juicy Watermelon Revitalizing Shower Gel and Palmolive Naturals Pomegranate Shower Gel. These are super big bottles. I’m trying not to buy too many mega sizes and back-ups anymore, but these shower gels looked so tempting 😍 that I couldn’t resist. Onto the reviews!

I Love… Juicy Watermelon Revitalizing Shower Gel is nice. It feels cleansing (definitely suitable for your post-gym shower), but it’s not drying at all – this is great! The watermelon fragrance is not bad, but I can see it getting old rather quickly. I’ll continue to use this shower gel in the shower. But I think I’ll end up squeezing a lot of it into a hand wash dispenser.

Palmolive Naturals Pomegranate Shower Gel with its vegan and 96% bio-degradable formula is lovely. It smells of juicy pomegranate seeds with a touch of lemon juice. It’s fruity and refreshing but not overly sweet. This shower gel is gentle on the skin too, so what’s not to like?

I Love… Juicy Watermelon Revitalizing Shower Gel is available as 750ml. I paid £1.99 at B&M Bargains. Palmolive Naturals Pomegranate Shower Gel is available as 500ml. I paid £1.49 at Savers.

Mrs Strawberry Blonde