Primark PS… Brightening Foaming Bubble Mask

Hi there! Today’s post is about a face mask I tried not too long ago – Primark‘s PS… Brightening Foaming Bubble Mask.

This face mask promises to cleanse and to brighten skin. Primark recommends the mask be used weekly.

How does it work? Apply the mask to your face and relax for 15 minutes whilst the mask bubbles up.

Is it any good? I don’t think this mask is anything special. My skin didn’t look or feel different. And I didn’t notice any other difference to my skin at all. But I had a similar mask from Primark before, so I already knew not to expect too much.

What’s good? To be fair, this mask smells very nice (it smells of peach and tea), and I think it’s great fun to use.

If you’d like to give it a try, Primark‘s PS… Brightening Foaming Bubble Mask is available as 10ml for 80p.

Mrs Strawberry Blonde