Nail Of The Day – Primark PS… Nail Polish Marshmallow & Stamping With Biutee 10 / 31 Day Nail Art Challenge #7 Black & White Nails

Hi there! This week is going to be NAIL WEEK. This means that I’ll be posting about nail stuff only. 😎

I did another mani for the 31 Day Nail Art Challenge (which I’m doing on my own terms – not in 31 days and not in chronological order). This mani is for challenge #7 BLACK & WHITE NAILS.

And for this mani I painted my nails with Primark PS… Nail Polish Marshmallow (2 coats). This is a fantastic polish. I love it!

For the images I used my relatively new Biutee 10 stamping plate and Essence‘s amazing black stamping polish. Too bad that Essence discontinued their stamping polishes. 🙁

I liked this mani a lot. I know I’ll be using this stamping plate a lot in the not too distant future!

Mrs Strawberry Blonde

Primark PS… Deep Cleansing Bubble Mask With Blueberry

Hi there! I have a face mask review for you today. 🙂 I picked up a number of face masks at Primark – including this PS… Deep Cleansing Bubble Mask with blueberry.

This mask works like any other bubble mask – apply it to your face, let it bubble up, leave it on for 15-20 minutes, then rinse it off. Sounds easy enough.

How’s the mask? I think this is one of Primark’s better face masks. The bubble effect is really strong – and the mask tickles the skin quite a bit! It’s awesome fun! However, that’s not it. This mask kept its promise – it gave my skin a deep cleanse. I can confirm that my skin looked and felt clean and soft.

PS… Deep Cleansing Bubble Mask with blueberry is available as 10ml for 80p at Primark. I’ve already gone back to Primark and bought a few more of these masks!

Mrs Strawberry Blonde

Primark PS… Brightening Rinse Off Mask Black Diamond

Hi there! Today’s post is about Primark’s PS… Brightening Rinse Off Mask Black Diamond. This is a clay mask that contains exfoliating particles and promises to brighten skin tone. You’re supposed to apply the mask, let it dry for 15-20 minutes, then rinse it off – done! Sounds easy! But does the mask work?

I got 3 uses out of this sachet, so I’m satisfied I reached the right conclusion which is… this mask is useless. It doesn’t feel cleansing, it doesn’t have any brightening effect at all, and the small exfoliating particles are really sharp. Ouch!

If you’re interested, Primark’s PS… Brightening Rinse Off Mask Black Diamond is available as 15ml for 80p. But I wouldn’t recommend this face mask at all.

Mrs Strawberry Blonde

Primark PS… Nourishing Leave On Mask With Pistachio

Hi there! Today’s post is about Primark‘s PS… Nourishing Leave On Mask with Pistachio. You’re supposed to apply the mask to a thoroughly cleansed face and neck, then leave it alone so that it’ll be absorbed by the skin. Sounds easy!

The sachet provides 15ml of product – which is a lot! So I’ve been using this mask as a night cream for about 10 days, and I really enjoyed it. Let me tell you more…

The mask is light green in colour, and it smells like pistachio ice cream. Very nice! The mask is also quite rich, and a little goes a long way. I’ve used the product on my face and neck, and I’m really happy with how nourishing it is. It does feel a little greasy when you apply it, so I recommend applying the mask half an hour before you go to bed.

In summary, I think Primark‘s PS… Nourishing Leave On Mask with Pistachio is very nice. I recommend it to everyone with dry skin and everyone who loves pistachio ice cream. The 15ml sachet is 80p only!

Mrs Strawberry Blonde

Nail Of The Day – Primark PS… Nail Polish Marshmallow & Stamping With Bundle Monster BM-S161, BM-S162 / A-Z Nail Art Challenge K – Kitties

Hi there! I’ve got a nail of the day post for you today. 🙂

For this mani I painted my nails with Primark PS… Nail Polish Marshmallow (2 coats). This is one of the best white nail polishes I’ve ever had. Well done, Primark!

Since I wanted to do a cat mani, I used Bundle Monster’s BM-S161 and BM-S162 stamping plates (which are part of Bundle Monster’s Fuzzy & Ferocious collection).

The black polish I stamped with is Rimmel 60 Seconds 820 Hot Black To Go.

The mani looked a little messy – and I think the stamping plates are to blame. I’ve used these two plates before and I had the same problem. But in real life no one noticed. 😉

This mani goes in the A-Z Nail Art Challenge folder. I’ll file in under K – Kitties. How do you like this mani? Feel free to comment. And thanks for reading!

Mrs Strawberry Blonde

Nail Of The Day – Christmas Nail Ideas / Primark PS… Nail Polish Marshmallow & Barry M Christmas Tree

Hi there! If you read my blog regularly you might remember that all my nail posts in October were Halloween-themed.

I really enjoyed thinking up halloweeney manis the entire month. And because of this I thought I should try to do Christmas-themed manis only in December.

For this mani I painted my nails with Primark PS… Nail Polish Marshmallow (2 easy coats). This is a really good white polish that’s 90p only. You need to try it!

The glitter topper I used is Barry M Christmas Tree. It’s the perfect Christmas gitter topper!

I really liked this mani! It was super easy to do, and it looked very christmassey. Doy ou agree? Feel free to comment if you want to. And thanks for reading!

Mrs Strawberry Blonde

Haul! New Products – Primark, Poundworld, Poundland, Boots, Wilko, Home Bargains, M&S

Hi there! I’ve done a little shopping this month. I haven’t gone nuts, I promise. But I picked up quite a few bargains. So let me show you what I bought!

I bought 4 PS… Facial Cleansing Sponge duo packs. That’s 8 sponges for £4. The reason I stocked up is because I’ve been using one of these sponges for a few weeks now – and I love it! I also bought 2 more PS… Konjac Sponges. That’s £3 for 2 konjac sponges.

It appears that Superdrug has given up on selling reasonably priced konjac sponges which is their loss, really. They also discontinued a few other fantastic products, so I haven’t done much Superdrug shopping lately. So yeah, it really is their loss! Anyhoo, those PS… sponges are from Primark!

I don’t think I’ve ever left my local Poundworld store empty-handed. Poundworld and Bargain Buys (which is part of the Poundworld family) have awesome nail products. I bought a cute Nails Inc. glitter topper (RRP £13), a Revlon Base Coat (RRP £6.49) and a J Lo exclusive collection L’Oréal polish (RRP £4.99). I paid £1 per polish – that’s £3 in total for these 3 polishes.

I picked up 4 new Montagne Jeunesse masks – Relaxing Spa Mud Mask, Candyfloss Scrub, Sea Splash Peel Off and Blueberry Blast Mud Masque. These masks seem to be exclusive to Primark, and they were 90p each. This adds up to £3.60 for 4 face masks.

Sukin’s Purifying Facial Masque is normally £11.95 at Boots. Thanks to a Save 1/3 offer it was £7.97. However, I didn’t spend any money, I paid with points!

I picked up 3 more Montagne Jeunesse face masks (they’re £1 each at Boots). However, these were on a 3 for 2 promotion, so I paid £2 (I paid with points for these products as well!) for these 3 face masks. I also went to Poundland where I found this Imperial Leather Foamy Banana shower cream – I paid £1 for it.

I bought these 10 Essence Colour Boost nail polishes – these are supposed to be one-coaters, so I bought them all to find out if they stamp on a black base. Well, if they stamp, they’re the cheapest quality stamping polishes out there (£1.80 each). If they don’t stamp, they don’t.

I got myself 2 more Essence Out Of Space Stories nail polishes (£2 each) and 4 Essence Glamaxy top coats (£2 each). Why 4? This is a flakie topper! All in all, I paid £30 for these 16 Essence nail polishes.

When I went to Home Bargains the other day I picked up 3 promising products. Creightons Charcoal Deep Cleansing Scrub and Creightons Charcoal Detoxifying Clay Mask were 79p each, I believe (sorry, I lost the receipt). I also picked up a strawberry-flavoured kids’ toothpaste. Yes, I bought it because of the Twilight Sparkle image!

Then I went to a different Primark store where I picked up a My Little Pony Lip Balm duo for £1.50, a My Little Pony Body Mist (100ml) for £2, and another Montagne Jeunesse Sunburst Sauna mask. On the way back home I swung by Marks & Spencer – and I bought a 100ml Monotheme Il Libro Degli Agrumi Pompelmo fragrance for £22.

Have you tried any of these products? Have you done any shopping recently? Feel free to get in touch. And thanks for stopping by!

Mrs Strawberry Blonde

You Need These In Your Life – Primark PS… Cellulose Facial Cleansing Sponges

Hi there! Today I’m reviewing the PS… Facial Cleansing Sponges that I found at Primark. I’ve been using one of these sponges for about 4 weeks now – and I love it! I think I love these cellulose sponges more than konjac sponges! Now let me tell you why I think that you need to try these sponges too. 🙂

I think these sponges are super easy to use – you use them just as you would use any other facial sponge or washcloth. Just apply a small amount of face wash to the moist sponge and rub it all over your face. And that’s it! I think this sponge makes my skin feel super soft and clean, however, it’s not harsh at all. This sponge is definitely suitable for daily use, and I’m sure it’s perfect for all skin types.

I also like that these sponges are easy to clean. Just squeeze out any residue under running water – job done! Another big plus is that these sponges dry quickly. Whilst I’m not sure how long it takes for these sponges to dry, my sponge is always dry when I want to use it – and sometimes I use it twice a day.

To make a long story short – these sponges are fantastic! I’d recommend them in an instant, and I’ve already stocked up (I’ll do another haul post soon). PS… Facial Cleansing Sponges are exclusive to Primark. A pack of 2 sponges is £1!

Mrs Strawberry Blonde