The Crème Shop Resveratrol Face Mask

Hi there! Today I’m reviewing The Crème Shop‘s Resveratrol Face Mask. Resveratrol is a natural antioxidant that can be found in dark chocolate and red wine. It promises to reduce inflammation, to reverse skin damange and to make skin appear smoother.

You’re supposed to leave the mask on for 20 – 30 minutes, or until the mask is dry (which is what I do). Don’t wash it off! Just proceed with your normal skin care routine. 🙂

So how’s the mask? I think it’s great! The serum is really powerful. It made my lines disappear for just over a day. It was impressive! I also loved the feel and the fragrance of the serum. My skin felt pampered, and the fragrance is what I imagine gummiberry juice to smell (and maybe taste) like. 😊

I’d recommend The Crème Shop‘s Resveratrol Face Mask in an instant. If you’d like to try this mask, TK Maxx sells packs of 5 sheet masks for £4.99 which is great value!

Mrs Strawberry Blonde