Garnier Skin Active Refreshing Botanical Cleansing Milk & Toner With Aloe Extract

Hi there! Today’s post is about 2 facial cleansing products I’m using at the moment – Garnier Skin Active Refreshing Botanical Cleansing Milk & Toner With Aloe Extract. These products are aimed at normal to combination skin.

Garnier Skin Active Refreshing Botanical Cleansing Milk With Aloe Extract is a disappointment. It feels nice and cleansing, and the aloe scent is alright too. However, as soon as I follow up with a toner, it’s obvious that the cleansing milk doesn’t really remove the make-up. I’ve had the same problem with another Garnier cleansing milk before. And while we’re at it, Nivea’s rose cleanser was similarly disappointing.

Garnier Skin Active Refreshing Botanical Toner With Aloe Extract is not the greatest toner either. I think this one would be good for people who don’t wear make-up and who don’t experiece impurities. I will contiue to use it in the morning after I’ve washed my face in the shower. But I can’t use it after I’ve removed my make-up in the evening, because it’s not very effective, and I don’t want to end up double-toning as this would make my skin angry.

If you’re interested, Garnier Skin Active Refreshing Botanical Cleansing Milk & Toner With Aloe Extract are available as 200ml for £3.49 each. I paid £1.74 (half price offer)

Mrs Strawberry Blonde

True Skin Hydrating Facial Water

Hi there! Today I’m reviewing this True Skin Hydrating Facial Water.

I bought this facial spray a couple of months ago, and I’ve actually been using it since then. So it’s time to write up what I think about it.

The first thing I noticed about this product was the funny lid. I guess they had a major issue with the manufacture of the bottles and that’s the reason this product ended up in TK Maxx’s online bargain bin. But who knows…

The next thing I found was that cucumber is listed as an ingredient on the front of the bottle. However, cucumber is not listed in the ingredients on the back of the bottle. I assume they made an innocent mistake, but regardless of this, not being able to get a few ingredients right is pretty sad.

How’s the actual product? Well, I’m not impressed.

This facial water provides basic hydration but that’s about it. I also don’t like the way it smells (tea tree oil), and I hate looking at the lid. Be careful not to get this stuff in your eyes as it stings like crazy (think sunscreen times 100). I will finish this product, but I would neither recommend it nor buy it again.

True Skin Hydrating Facial Water is available as 207ml. I paid £5.99 (TK Maxx).

Mrs Strawberry Blonde

Beautifully Scrumptious Aloe Vera Body Butter

Hi there! I’ve got another skin care review for you today. A few weeks ago I picked up this Beautifully Scrumptious Aloe Vera Body Butter for £1 at Poundland. I’ve never had an aloe vera body butter, so it took me about 3 seconds to decide I had to give this one a try. And now that I’ve been using this product for a few weeks, here’s what I think. 🙂

I’m happy I bought this body butter. It’s not the most innovative product, but it hydrates my skin nicely and it doesn’t feel sticky. The biggest selling point is the aloe vera fragrance. It’s wonderfully fresh and natural. I’m enjoying it very much!

Beautifully Scrumptious Aloe Vera Body Butter is available as 220ml for £1 (give or take a few pence) at bargain stores. If you’re looking for a new body butter, you need to try this!

Mrs Strawberry Blonde