The Crème Shop Depuffing & Anti-Inflammatory Rose Oil Overnight Gel Mask

Hi there! Today’s post is about my current night cream – The Crème Shop‘s Depuffing & Anti-Inflammatory Rose Oil Overnight Gel Mask which promises skin that feels silky and that looks well-rested and bright.

This product is easy to use – use it like a normal night cream. By the way, I’ve checked the ingredients, and I found that this poduct contains macadamia oil – great stuff! And now that I’ve been using this product for a few weeks now, here’s what I think!

I think this is a great product! I love the gel formula. It feels refreshing, it absorbs quickly, and whilst it feels hydrating, it doesn’t feel sticky at all. In addition, I’m happy to confirm that my skin feels soft and looks well-rested and bright in the morning. Since I have very dry skin, I generally prefer richer night creams. However, this overnight gel mask does everything I need it to do, and I am very happy with it!

I’ve previously used one of The Crème Shop’s Overnight Gel Masks – the Charcoal version, and I was happy with that one too. This rose version is more hydrating, and I would consider it most suitable for people with normal to dry skin, whilst the charcoal version is best suited for people with normal to oily skin. Either way, I would recommend both products because they do what they promise to do, and they’re awesome fun! 🙂

The Crème Shop’s Depuffing & Anti-Inflammatory Rose Oil Overnight Gel Mask is available as 50ml. I paid £4.99 (TK Maxx).

Mrs Strawberry Blonde

Weekly Recap 19 – 25 November 2018

Hi there! Happy Sunday! Today’s post is my weekly blog recap. Read on if you’d like to know what I’ve been up to on my blog this week. 🙂

Monday 19 Nov – Nail Of The Day
Tuesday 20 Nov – Garnier Skin Active Volcano Mask

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Wednesday 21 Nov- Skin Care Chemist Macadamia Beauty Oil

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Thursday 22 Nov – Nail Of The Day
Friday 23 Nov – Tesco Pro Formula Fresh Skin Brightening Foaming Face Wash With Grapefruit & Cranberry

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And this is already it for this week! Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

Mrs Strawberry Blonde

Skin Care Chemist Macadamia Beauty Oil

Hi there! Today’s post is about Skin Care Chemist‘s Macadamia Beauty Oil. This facial oil is aimed at people with mature skin. It promises to help restore skin’s natural, radiant looking glow, to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and to lift, plump, smooth and soften the skin.

This facial oil contains vitamin E as well as a number of botanical ingredients, such as macadamia oil, sunflower seed oil, meadowfoam seed oil, raspberry fruit extract, sage leaf extract, nettle extract, rosemary leaf extract, etc.

How’s the product? I’ve been using this oil for a few weeks now, and I’m blown away. I can’t believe I’ve waited so long to try a facial oil. I could kick myself! This oil is simply fantastic. It bursts with botanical ingredients, it feels amazing on my skin, it makes my skin feel sensationally soft, it takes care of dry patches, and it looks like it’s filling in my fine lines! I love this facial oil. It’s one of the most amazing products I’ve tried all year. 11 stars!

How do I use the oil? I’m using this oil instead of a serum. I let it sink in for 5-10 minutes, then I apply my eye cream and my day cream. I know some people like to use a facial oil only, others use their facial oil after their serum and instead of a moisturiser. But there are no rules, really. And using this facial oil instead of a serum works best for me. 🙂

Skin Care Chemist‘s Macadamia Beauty Oil is available as 30ml. I paid £3. What an amazing bargain!

Mrs Strawberry Blonde