Skin Treats Clay Nourishing Face Mask With Shea Butter

Hi there! I’ve got another face mask review for you today – but it’s Face Mask week, so this is hardly a surprise…

Alrighty – I found this Skin Treats Clay Nourishing Face Mask With Shea Butter at my local Home Bargains store. I believe it was 89p.

When I saw the mask I reached out and put it in my shopping basket immediately, because I read Olay instead of Clay. 🤣

So… this mask promises to purify, to revitalise and to nourish skin. You’re supposed to apply the mask to cleansed skin, and to leave it on for 10-15 minutes. Then simply rinse it off = job done.

Since the sachet contained enough product for 3 uses, I’ve given this mask 3 tries. And all I can say is that I think it’s pretty useless. The mask just didn’t do anything for my skin at all.

Based on my experience, I wouldn’t recommend the mask. However, if you’d like to give it a try, you can find it at Home Bargain (and other discount stores, I assume). If you’d like to try other masks from this brand, I recommend their Pineapple sheet mask and their original Unicorn sheet mask which is exclusive to B&M Bargains.

Mrs Strawberry Blonde