Skin Treats Vitamin C Hydrogel Collagen Face Mask

Hi there! Today’s post is about this Skin Treats Vitamin C Hydrogel Collagen Face Mask. This face mask promises to energise dull and fatigued skin for a renewed appearance.

You’re supposed to use the mask after cleansing. Leave it on for 15 minutes, then massage the essence into the skin. This mask comes with a warning though – do not apply to injured or broken skin. OK…

I tried this mask the other day, and I think it’s quite alright. To be fair, I hated the hydrogel mask itself – it went into the bin right away, and I popped a fresh new sheet mask into the sachet. There was PLENTY of essence – almost enough for 2 sheet masks!

I had the sheet mask on for over half an hour, and I found it refreshing and energising. I also noticed that my pores looked a bit smaller which is always good to see. The mask wasn’t sticky which is another plus.

However, I won’t buy this face mask again UNLESS they replace the hydrogel mask with a regular sheet mask. If you like hydrogel masks, you might want to give this one a try, but it’s just not for me. Skin Treats Vitamin C Hydrogel Collagen Face Mask is available as a 60g single-use face mask for £1 (B&M Bargains).

Mrs Strawberry Blonde

Weekly Recap 22 – 28 November 2021

Hi there! Happy Sunday! Today’s post is my weekly blog recap – and these are the posts I’ve written this past week.

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And this is already it for this week. Thanks for stopping by! x

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