Simple Rich Moisture Sheet Mask Little Mix Edition

Hi there! Today’s post is about this Simple Rich Moisture Sheet Mask Little Mix Edition. This sheet mask contains a few botanical ingredients, it promises to nourish skin, and the sheet mask itself is bio-degradable!

I’ve given this sheet mask a try, and I think it’s very good. It’s nourishing indeed, and it made my skin feel soft and look refreshed. It’s not a sticky mask, so this is another plus! I’m glad I bought this mask, and I would recommend it!

Simple Rich Moisture Sheet Mask Little Mix Edition is available as a 21ml single use sheet mask. I paid £1.49 (B&M Bargains).

Mrs Strawberry Blonde

L’Oréal Skin Perfection Correcting Concentrated Serum

Hi there! A few weeks ago I emptied the first L’Oréal serum I’ve ever used, and since then I’ve been using another L’Oréal serum – L’Oréal’s Skin Perfection Correcting Concentrated Serum. This serum is aimed at women aged 18-32 who want smoother, brighter and more radiant looking skin. In summary, this serum promises to tighten pores and to make first lines appear smoother – in 7 days!

Whilst this serum isn’t perfect, I do like it. Here’s why: I think the pump dispenser is great. Two pumps deliver the perfect amount of serum for my face and neck. Nice! The serum is lightly fragranced – the fragrance is nothing special, but it’s definitely pleasant.

I think that this serum feels great on my skin. The lightweight formula delivers a refreshing hydration boost which is very nice! Whilst I don’t think this serum made any difference to my pores at all, I’m still happy with it because it seems to maintain the ‘fresher skin’ look the other L’Oréal serum gave me.

I would recommend this serum – and I would recommend you get your 30ml bottle from B&M Bargains. L’Oréal’s Skin Perfection Correcting Concentrated Serum is £15.99 at Superdrug – but it’s only £4.99 at B&M!

Mrs Strawberry Blonde