Spa Premium Epsom Salts And Eucalyptus

Hi there! Today’s post is about these Spa Premium Epsom Salts And Eucalyptus. I’ve always loved bubble baths, but my buddy Anne Brooke got me into buying bath salts. And now… for the first time in eons… I finally managed to take a bath with bath salts!

Alrighty, these bath salts promise to help the body (and skin too, I guess) relax after a long day. The instructions state that half the pack is sufficient for a bath, and a quarter of the pack is the right amount of bath salts for a foot bath. The recommended soak time is 15-20 minutes. OK!

15-20 minutes for a bath isn’t enough for me. I’m someone who bathes for 40+ minutes. Anyhoo… I’m happy to report that these bath salts were enjoyable, and they’ve temporarily helped with my back and shoulder pain. This was great! I couldn’t smell any eucalyptus, but I don’t mind this at all.

Based on my experience, I’d recommend these bath salts! Spa Premium Epsom Salts And Eucalyptus are available as 495g for £1 at Poundstretcher!

Mrs Strawberry Blonde