Empties – November 2022

Hi there! Today’s post is about the products I emptied in November. I’d usually post on the 1st of a new month, but thanks to a ridiculous workload, I haven’t found the time to do a quick Empties post any sooner… Anyhoo, here’s what I finished in November.

1 Hugo Boss Pure Purple Eau De Parfum – this is a very nice fragrance. I enjoyed it, but it’s not something I’d buy for myself.

2 Maui Moisture Body Care Extra Hydrating + Shea Butter Body Lotion – sadly, this body lotion wasn’t for me. I wouldn’t buy it again.

3 Superdrug Fruity Vanilla Ice Cream Shower Gel – a lovely shower gel! My husband enjoyed it too. This was a limited edition shower gel which has sold out, but I have another bottle.

4 Boots Extracts Luscious Vanilla Body Wash – simply lovely! Too bad the entire line has been discontinued. I have a few random Extracts products left in my stash, and I’ll use them here and there.

5 Boots Glow Pineapple Gel Moisturiser – this was alright while it lasted. Not a bad moisturiser at all, but I didn’t care for its scent.

6 I Love… Chocolate Truffle Nourishing Body Butter – this is one of the best body butters ever. Too bad it was a limited edition. But I have a few more tubs.

7 MakeUp Gallery Time To Shine Completely Clear 1 (no photo as my husband binned the empty product) – this is a decent clear polish from Poundland. I finished a few of these, and I bought 2 more.

8 Dove Purely Pampering Almond Cream With Hibiscus – an oldie from my stash. I fell out of love with this fragrance, so I wouldn’t repurchase this shower gel any time soon.

9 Revisiting Holy Grail Products – Herbal Essences Silk N’ Shine Conditioner – holy grail stuff! I have plenty more (shampoo and conditioner) in my stash.

10 Imperial Leather Indulgence Rich Moisturising Body Wash Irresistible – this was lovely, but unfortunately this shower gel has been discontinued.

And this is everything I finished in November. Another so-so month for empties. I hope I can finish a few more products in December. Let’s see…

Mrs Strawberry Blonde 💙💛

Weekly Recap 14 – 20 November 2022

Hi there! Today’s post is my weekly recap. Again – only 2 posts this week – and here they are.

Tuesday 15 Nov – Kenzo Amour Eau De Parfum
Saturday 19 Nov – Superdrug Fruity Vanilla Ice Cream Shower Gel

Tuesday’s post was about one of my all-time favourite fragrances. Click here to take a look.
And on Saturday I reviewed a limited edition shower gel. Click here to read my review.

And this is already it for this week. Thanks for stopping by today! xx

Mrs Strawberry Blonde 💙💛

100% Vegan & Cruelty-Free – Superdrug Fruity Vanilla Ice Cream Shower Gel

Hi there! Today’s super short post is about this Superdrug Fruity Vanilla Ice Cream Shower Gel.

This is a limited edition that I picked up after one of my friends told me I had to try Superdrug’s Birthday Cake shower gel. My store didn’t have the Birthday Cake shower gel, but I picked up 2 bottles of the Vanilla Ice Cream shower gel as it sounded nice enough.

I’ve been using this shower gel a few times, and whilst I don’t love it, I think it’s quite enjoyable, although I can see it getting old quickly too.

The fragrance is sweet and vanilla-like, although it doesn’t really smell like ice cream. But that’s OK. I didn’t expect that. If you like vanilla-scented toiletries, you might want to check out this shower gel.

Superdrug Fruity Vanilla Ice Cream Shower Gel is available as 250ml for £1.79. I think this is too much for a drugstore own brand shower gel.

I bought 2 shower gels on a Buy 1 Get 1 Free special promotion. Also, this shower gel is certified cruelty-free. It carries THE Leaping Bunny logo. This shower gel is also vegan!

Mrs Strawberry Blonde 💙💛