Empties – October 2022

Hi there! I hope you had a good start into November! Today’s post is my Empties post. Unfortunately, October wasn’t the best month, but hey ho…

1 Antonio Banderas Her Secret Temptation Eau De Toilette – a lovely fragrance. I’d consider buying it again!

2 Yves Rocher Retropical Eau De Toilette – one of the most special fragrances ever. I’m sad it was a limited edition, and that I can’t buy it again.

3 Superdrug Layering Lab Sweetie Body Mist – this one got old about halfway through the bottle. I managed to use it up now. It’s a nice fragrance, but I’m tired of it right now.

4 Imperial Leather Monkey Business Guava Blossom & Jungle Leaves Icons Shower Gel – a lovely shower gel! I would buy it again!

5 uperdrug Revive Hair Care Collagen Conditioner – I enjoyed this conditioner (and the matching shampoo) quite a bit. I’ll buy them again.

6 Cussons Creations Comfort Bottled Magnolia & Almond Milk Shower Gel – this shower gel grew on me. I can see myself picking it up again.

7 Original Source Skin Quench Cherry & Jojoba Oil Moisturising Shower – this is an old favourite. It’s been discontinued, and this was my last bottle.

8 Kirstie Allsopp Lansdowne Rose Hand Lotion – it took me ages to finish this hand cream. I used it as a foot cream as my husband didn’t like the strong rose fragrance.

9 Original Source Pink Grapefruit Shower – another old favourite. But I do have a few more bottles in my stash.

I also used a bunch of single use face masks – but nothing worth keeping as empty face mask sachets are rather icky and sticky. Hopefully November will be a better month for Empties! And thanks for stopping by today. xx

Mrs Strawberry Blonde 💙💛

Weekly Recap 28 Aug – 3 Sep 2017

Hi there! Happy Sunday! And welcome to my Weekly Blog Recap! If you’ve missed a post that might have interested you, this is your chance to catch up. 🙂

Monday 28 Aug – Yves Rocher Retropical

On Monday I reviewed Yves Rocher’s Retropical Eau De Toilette. Click here to read the post.

Tuesday 29 Aug – NSPA Vanilla & Shea Butter Shower & Bath Gels

Tuesday’s post was about NSPA’s Vanilla and Shea Butter Shower & Bath Gels. Click here to read the post.

Wednesday 30 Aug – Haul!

On Wednesday I showed you what I bought in August. Click here to read the post.

Thursday 31 Aug – August Favourites

Thusday’s post was about my favourite products in August. Click here to read the post.

Friday 1 Sep – August Empties

And on Friday I told you about all the products I emptied in August. Click here to read the post.

This is already it! I hope you enjoy the rest of the weekend. Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

Mrs Strawberry Blonde

August Beauty Awards

Hi there! Today’s post is my monthly favourites post. As always I’ve chosen my top 3 products from all the products I’ve reviewed this month, and I’ve thrown in a few honourable mentions as well. Now onto the top 3!

3rd place – Boots Botanics Super Serum Triple Age Renewal

I really enjoy using Boots’ Botanics Super Serum because it makes the fine lines on my forehead appear less visible.

Runner-Up – Montagne Jeunesse Buriti Fruit Body Smoothie

Montagne Jeunesse’s Buriti Fruit Body Smoothie is unique! And I love it!

WINNER – Yves Rocher Retropical Eau De Toilette

I didn’t know what to expect from Yves Rocher’s Retropical fragrance. But it turned out to be the most beautiful summer holiday fragrance. Just wow!

Now onto the honourable mentions! There were quite a few products that I liked a lot this month, and whilst the winner and the runner-up were easy to determine, there were several products that were competing for the 3rd place!

Sukin’s Moisture Restoring Night Cream has helped me get rid of my dry patches. Outstanding! The melon-flavoured My Little Pony Lip Balm is quite possibly my all-time favourite lip balm. NSPA’s Shea Butter Shower & Bath Gel is one of my all-time favourite shower gels, and using Anatomicals’ chocolate face mask was awesome fun because it was like rubbing chocolate mousse all over my face.

Have you tried any of these products? If so, how do / did you like them? Or would you like to try any of these products? Feel free to comment. And thanks for stopping by! 🙂

Mrs Strawberry Blonde

Yves Rocher Retropical Eau De Toilette

Hi there! Today’s post is about Yves Rocher Retropical Eau De Toilette. Retropical is a limited edition fragrance, and I bought it off someone for £10. What a bargain! And yes, I’m really pleased with myself! 🙂

Before we get to the actual review, let me tell you a little more about the fragrance. Retropical contains fruity and aquatic notes (top note), floral notes (heart note) and warm woody notes (base note). I would have loved to know the actual fruits, flowers and woods. But Yves Rocher wasn’t more specific. Ah well…

So what’s the fragrance really like? It’s the dreamiest blend of marzipan, oranges, bubblegum, honey and sunlight. It’s sweet (adult-sweet, NOT sugary), tropical, warm, cuddly, exotic and happy. It smells like… the most beautiful relaxing summer holiday. Well done, Yves Rocher!

Yves Rocher Retropical is a limited edition fragrance from 2013. You won’t find it in YR stores or on YR’s web site anymore. So if you’re interested in this fragrance, look online. I see YR’s older limited editions popping up on that auction web site all the time. 😉

Mrs Strawberry Blonde