Blogging Buddies, Could You Please Help Me?

Hi there! I noticed that my comments don’t post on other people’s blogs. It appears that WP thinks my comments are spam! But I’m not a spammer! I just want to be able to comment on other people’s blog posts…

Since my posts appear to go into everyone’s spam folder, I can’t even contact people individually. For this reason, can I please ask you to release my comments from your spam folder. It’s easy to do. Just go to WP Admin and click on comments. You will see 4 different options with the third option being “spam”. Please click it and locate my comment. Once done, please mark my comment as “not spam”. The option is right underneath the message.

I’m not sure how many comments have gone to spam, but I cannot post any comments anymore because of this. I’d be very grateful if you could all please check your spam messages an release my message!

Thank you!

Mrs Strawberry Blonde

Mrs Strawberryblonde says HELLO!

Mrs Strawberryblonde says HELLO!

I’m a drugstore beauty addict who loves colours and scents. So it’s no surprise I am obsessed with skin care, shampoos, make-up, shower gels… you name it! I’m always happy to test and review new products and I thought it’s about time I started my own blog.

I’m a bit of a fashion, shoe and handbag fan as well – but seriously, who isn’t? And – of course – I’m a compulsive bargain hunter!

So, if you like what you read, let me know. And feel free to draw my attention to your blog too.

Mrs Strawberry Blonde