Weil Belle En Weil Eau De Parfum

Hi there! Today’s post is about this Weil Belle En Weil Eau De Parfum. This fragrance was a blind buy. I bought it because I found the reviews for it rather promising. Let’s look at the notes now – rose and bergamot (top notes), praline and red fruits (heart notes), and patchouli, vanilla, cedar and musk (base notes).

This fragrance is a brilliant dupe for Thierry Mugler’s Angel fragrance! Wow! I find Belle En Weil a bit cleaner than Angel (slightly muskier, a tad less earthy), but you wouldn’t know it’s not Angel if you were to cross paths with someone wearing Belle En Weil.

A single spray is all that most people would need for the entire day as Belle En Weil is very strong and last for ages (especially on clothes). I usually apply fragrances rather liberally, and I also touch up several times during the day, but with Belle En Weil, I’m good for the day with one spray on the chest and one spray down my back.

Based on my experience, I’d recommend this fragrance, especially if you’re looking for a more purse-friendly version of Mugler’s Angel. If you’re interested, Weil Belle En Weil Eau De Parfum is available as 100ml. I paid £14.95.

Mrs Strawberry Blonde 💙💛

HAUL! Some New Stuff From… Rochas, Jil Sander, Weil, Superdrug, Sofia Vergara

Hi there! Today’s post is about some of the stuff I bought recently.  Most items are sale items – just what you’d expect me to buy! Alrighty, let’s look at the goodies!

1 Superdrug Optimum Retinol Booster Drops – 4 x 30ml for 50p each. Yes, 50p each! They used to be £14.99 each, but it looks like these are being discontinued, hence the ridiculous price.

2 Jil Sander Simply Elixir Eau De Parfum Gift Set (40ml EdP, 75ml Body Cream) for £13.95

3 Weil Passion Essence 100ml EdP for £12.45

4 Weil Belle En Weil 100ml EdP for £14.95

5 Sofia Vergara Tempting 100ml EdP for £18.85

6 Rochas Couture Mademoiselle Rochas Couture 90ml for £32.95.

These are the items I treated myself to recently. I’m excited to try them all. The first 5 products are new to me, and product number 6 – the Rochas fragrance – is a repurchase. There are a few more items on the way to me, and I’ll do another post for the later arrivals.

Mrs Strawberry Blonde