Pantene Pro-V Miracles Lift N’ Volume Thickening Shampoo & Conditioner

Hi there! Today’s post is about this Pantene Pro-V Miracles Lift N’ Volume Thickening Shampoo & Conditioner combo. I really enjoyed the Grow Strong shampoo and conditioner from this range, but I didn’t care for the Silky & Glowing products. So how did these volume products do?

Pantene Pro-V Miracles Lift N’ Volume Thickening Shampoo works. it just works. I knew it was volumising the first time I tried it. It felt amazing on my head, and I could tell that it managed to thicken my hair immediately. The only downside is the scent – it smells like a mix of that awful Chloe rose fragrance (yes, many people love it, but if you hate it, you really hate it) and cold air.

Pantene Pro-V Miracles Lift N’ Volume Thickening Conditioner is just as brilliant as the shampoo. It detangles my hair with ease, but it doesn’t flatten it or weigh it down. Most volume conditioners either give me crunchy hair – or they’re just so bad that I end up using a ludicrous amount of product which then has a flattening effect. But not this one. Nope! This conditioner is excellent. Soft and bouncy hair, tons of volume… my only complaint is the smell.

Based on my experience, I’d actually recommend these products. And if you like fragrances like that Chloe fragrance, you’ll love the scent of these 2 products. I don’t know if I’ll buy these products again. Time will tell. If you’re interested, Pantene Pro-V Miracles Lift N’ Volume Thickening Shampoo & Conditioner are available as 400ml and 275ml respectively. These products are usually about £5 each, but I paid £2.50 each (half price offer, Tesco Clubcard).

EDIT 2 January 2023: I’ve finished these products now, and I’m glad they’re gone. The last 2 weeks, I woke up with what I’d call clown hair. Every single day. These products made my hair totally unmanageable. They were pretty good for the first 2 weeks, but the last 2 weeks were the worst 14 bad hair days of my life. Good riddance!

Mrs Strawberry Blonde 💙💛

Pantene Pro-V Miracles Silky & Glowing Biotin & Hydrolised Silk Protein Shampoo & Conditioner

Hi there! Today’s post is about the hair care combo I’m using at the moment – Pantene Pro-V Miracles Silky & Glowing Biotin & Hydrolised Silk Protein Shampoo & Conditioner. These 2 products promise to repair straw-like or processed hair to silky soft.

Pantene Pro-V Miracles Silky & Glowing Biotin & Hydrolised Silk Protein Shampoo is a creamy white shampoo. It doesn’t look or smell spectacular. It has a dense, warm and almost cloying scent. Something I can’t describe plus coconut. Not really great for summer. It does feel nice on my hair and my head though.

Pantene Pro-V Miracles Silky & Glowing Biotin & Hydrolised Silk Protein Conditioner is a weird one. It doesn’t have that typical conditioner formula. This one’s more like a cream. I need quite a bit of product to be able to detangle my hair. I also don’t like the fragrance. It has a strong chemical smell – reminiscent of hair dye – plus lots of coconut. It doesn’t smell good.

I’ve also noticed that this hair care combo does the opposite of what it’s supposed to do. Instead of silky and soft hair, it leaves me with crunchy hair after every single wash. So I now wear my hair up during the day. ☹️ Well, I won’t buy this hair care combo again.

If you’re interested, Pantene Pro-V Miracles Silky & Glowing Biotin & Hydrolised Silk Protein Shampoo & Conditioner are available as 400ml and 275ml respectively. These products are usually about £5 each, but I paid £2.50 each (with Tesco Clubcard).

Mrs Strawberry Blonde 💙💛

Pantene Pro-V Miracles Strong & Long Biotin + Bamboo Keratin Reconstruct Mask

Hi there! Today’s post is about this Pantene Pro-V Miracles Strong & Long Biotin + Bamboo Keratin Reconstruct Mask. This hair mask promises to strengthen hair against styling damage (vs. non-conditioning shampoo) and to help reduce hair loss due to breakage.

The instructions state that you should apply the hair mask to your wet hair, then rinse it out, then dry and style your hair.

I’ve used this hair mask about once every 5-7 days for the past 5 weeks, and I think it’s alright but not great. I tried this hair mask because the shampoo and the conditioner from the same collection blew me away. Whilst the shampoo and the conditioner are all-time faves, the hair mask is not. And here’s why:

It starts with the instructions – they don’t state how often you should use the mask, and for how long you should leave it in. Pantene needs to improve this. I just leave the mask on for 2-3 minutes. But I have no idea if this is how Pantene expects people to use this hair mask.

Also, I don’t style my hair. I have long, wavy-to-curly hair, and I just wash and condition my hair (and blow-dry it if I have to go anywhere) – and my hair just looks great. I don’t use any kind of foam, gel, spray, etc. So I can’t evaluate how effective this hair mask is if you style your hair. However, I have noticed zero difference between this hair mask and a regular conditioner. I guess that’s why Pantene promises a strengthening effect compared to the use of a non-conditioning shampoo only. If you style your hair, and this mask works for you, this is great. But it doesn’t do anything special for me.

Another thing is that this hair mask makes no difference to how much hair I lose in the shower the next day. I’m a daily washer, so I know how much hair I lose or should lose. Whilst the shampoo and the conditioner from this range made a visible difference from day 1, this mask makes no difference.

Because of the above, I won’t repurchase the mask. I will continue to use it for as long as it lasts, but since it’s not better than a random conditioner, I don’t really need it. But if you’re interested, Pantene Pro-V Miracles Strong & Long Biotin + Bamboo Keratin Reconstruct Mask is available as 160ml for about £5. I paid £2.50 (Tesco Clubcard offer).

Mrs Strawberry Blonde 💙💛

Pantene Pro-V Miracles Grow Strong Biotin + Bamboo Shampoo & Conditioner

Hi there! Today’s post is about a new hair care combo I started to use very recently – Pantene Pro-V Minerals Grow Strong Biotin + Bamboo Shampoo & Conditioner. These products promise to reduce hair loss and to help hair grow stronger.

Pantene Pro-V Minerals Grow Strong Biotin + Bamboo Shampoo is fabulous. It feels cleansing but not drying, and it makes my hair feel super light. The luxurious fragrance (I call it “cashmere apple”) is very enjoyable too!

Pantene Pro-V Minerals Grow Strong Biotin + Bamboo Conditioner is a pleasure to use. The formula comes close to the incredible Herbal Essences Classics formula – it’s thick and luxurious, it feels amazing and it also makes my hair feel amazing (light and nourished at the same time). And yes, the conditioner smells gorgeous too!

I’ve also noticed fewer hairs in the sink strainer in the shower from the first use of these products, so this stuff seems to work! Based on my experience, I would recommend these hair products. And I know I’ll buy them again (after I’ve tried the other 2 new Pantene hair care combos).

Pantene Pro-V Minerals Grow Strong Biotin + Bamboo Shampoo & Conditioner are available as 400ml and 275ml respectively. These products are usually about £4.50 each, but I paid £2.75 each. At the moment, Tesco has them for £2.50 each with Tesco Clubcard! A total steal!

Mrs Strawberry Blonde 💙💛

Pantene Pro-V Youth Protect Rejuvenating Intensive Conditioner

Hi there! Today’s post is about Pantene Pro-V Youth Protect Rejuvenating Intensive Conditioner which I picked up for £1 (Poundland).

This conditioner promises to nourish hair for a more youthful look.

The product is quick and easy to use – use it like any regular conditioner, but leave it on for 2 minutes.

How’s the product? I like it! Whilst I think that Pantene’s Youth Protect shampoo and conditioner aren’t impressive at all, this intensive conditioner is very nice!

I’m not sure about the “youthful” look, but I’m satisfied that this product makes my hair feel super soft. I like it!

Pantene Pro-V Youth Protect Rejuvenating Intensive Conditioner is available as 200ml. I would definitely recommend it!

Mrs Strawberry Blonde

Pantene Breakage Defence Hair Strength Tonic

Hi there! Pantene’s Breakage Defence Hair Strength Tonic has been sitting in my stash for quite some time. So I thought it’s time to give it a try! Before I tell you if this product is any good, here’s what it claims to do. 🙂

This product promises to provide “extra strength and resilient fullness”. It also claims to protect hair from styling damage. In order to reap the benefits, you’re supposed to use this tonic daily by spraying it at your roots (15 pumps, your hair can be dry or wet) and to massage it in. Now onto the review…

I’ve used this tonic twice – and I won’t be using it again. This tonic stinks. Literally. It stinks up my hair! But it’s not really surprising considering that the first ingredient listed on the back of the bottle is alcohol! I’m also not convinced that spraying alcohol at my roots and massaging it into my hair and scalp is a good thing…

In summary, this product is going in the bin!

Mrs Strawberry Blonde

Pantene Pro-V Volume & Body Shampoo & Conditioner

Hi there! Today’s post is about Pantene’s Pro-V Volume & Body Shampoo & Conditioner. I’ve had mixed experiences with Pantene products this year (and actually last year too). But I’ve never tried these two products before, so I wanted to give them a try.

Let’s start with the shampoo. I like that the shampoo is clear. I’m bored of creamy white shampoos (who isn’t…), so this one gets an (imaginary) extra star for being clear. I also like the fragrance – it’s not very special, but it’s definitely pleasant. I think this shampoo cleanses my scalp and my hair reasonably, and it doesn’t make my hair look or feel greasy after 24 hours. That’s nice. However, this shampoo doesn’t make my hair feel soft.

Sure, most hair products that promise more volume aren’t softening, and I understand that this is how they (claim to) achieve the actual volume, but I like my hair to feel soft. Still, this is a decent shampoo, and I think it would work well on oily hair.
The conditioner isn’t great. It’s not very conditioning, and it doesn’t detangle my hair well. Again, I appreciate that this is a product feature, and not a design flaw. However, how am I supposed to achieve more volume if  I have to use a handful of conditioner just to detangle my hair?

Looking at other Pantene products, I think this conditioner is definitely better than the Youth Protect conditioner and the Colour Protect & Volume conditioner. But it’s not working well with my hair type (= curly, although I think my hair is transitioning to wavy due to its length) and because of this it actually flattens my hair. 😦 But I’m sure this conditioner will work much better for ladies with straight hair.

I’ll continue to use these two products on homeworking days and stay-at-home weekends. But I don’t think that I’ll buy these two products again once they’re finished.

Pantene Pro-V Volume & Body Shampoo
is available as 400ml for £3.99. Pantene Pro-V Volume & Body Conditioner is available as 360ml for £3.99. I got these two on a half price deal.

Mrs Strawberry Blonde

30+ New Products – Superdrug, Asda & Bargain Store Haul!

Hi there! I tried my best not to buy more stuff, but I caved. And then I caved again. I bought a lot of stuff in the past three or four weeks… So let’s take a look at the new products that moved in with me.
Item number 1 is this Flutter Hand Cream – Flutter is a Superdrug brand that always makes an appearance around Christmas. This hand cream was £1. Then there’s this Sweet Snuggles Hand Lotion Set – this set consists of a small hand cream and a nail file. I think it’s cute. And it was £1 only.

I also bought 3 Superdrug Facial Konjac Sponges. There was a 3 for 2 offer, each sponge was £1.99, and thanks to the offer I paid £3.98 in total. Nivea’s Firming Body Lotion was on a better than half price promotion so I paid £2.55 instead of £5.25. And I’m looking forward to trying my new B. Refine Exfoliating Cleanser which was half price as well – it was £2.69 instead of £5.49.
I also bought new hair care – L’Oréal Nutri-Gloss Crystal Shampoo & Conditioner. These were on a half price offer – £1.99 each instead of £3.99. I also bought two more eyeshadow brushes. These are Superdrug own-brand, they were 99p each.
I couldn’t resist when I saw this exclusive edition Olay Refreshing Face Wash. It was £1.45 instead of £2.99. And I found this incredibly cute My Little Pony Nail Polish Trio for £2.99 at B&M Bargains. This set contains 2 toe separators and three nail polishes (pink – Pinkie Pie, lilac – Rarity, glitter – Rainbow Dash). Awesome stuff!
I liked Superdrug’s cocoa butter & vanilla body butter, so I wanted to give Superdrug’s Cocoa Butter & Vanilla Body Scub a try too. This scrub was £2.45 (half price offer). I also bought two more Superdrug Clearly Youthful Glycolic Peel-Off Mask tubes. They’re £4.89 each, but there was a 2 for £5 offer. By the way, this mask is absolutely brilliant. Please check out my review of it!

The Patisserie de Bain set was a freebie. Superdrug gave these sets away as a gift with purchase – all you had to do was buy two skin care products (yes, they included lots of cheap basics – like face wash for £1.50 and the likes – in this offer), and you’d get this Patisserie de Bain set for free.
Up next is a lipstick – Models Own Miami Heat£1.24 (clearance). And I couldn’t resist this cute Flutter Lip Balm. It’s strawberry-flavoured and it was £1. The Models Own Nail Polish was £2.49 (clearance) and the shade is called Eggshell Goose. The Max Factor nail polish is from Poundworld, so it was £1. I had to have it because the colour really pops!
I was really happy when my local Asda restocked Alberto Balsam products whilst they were still on a £1 promotion. So I got Alberto Balsam Volume Boost Shampoo & Conditioner for £1 each. The Pantene Breakage Defence Hair Strengthening Tonic was £1 at Poundland.
Finally I bought a few face masks again. They’re all Montagne Jeunesse masks. I got two Mud Pac and Amore Rose duos for £1 each at Poundland. The Black Seaweed Peel-Off Mask and the Charcoal Masque were 85p each at Asda.
As I love Superdrug’s Naturally Radiant collection, I bought another product – a serum & moisturiser. This product was on a half price promotion, so I paid £2.94 only. Superdrug also had a new version of the Leafy & Lovely hand cream. It’s probably the same as before – but it was £1 only, so I thought I should have it. Superdrug’s Vitamin E Toning Facial Mist cost me £2.24 only. Superdrug’s Sweet Snuggles gift set was £3.50.
I also bought 2 Garnier Moisture Bomb Tissue Masks. They were on special for 99p each. And I got 2 tubs of Superdrug’s Vitamin E Intensive All Over Body Cream for £2.61 each. Superdrug’s Vitamin E Leave-On Moisture Mask was £2.24. And Superdrug’s Naturally Radiant Night Cream was also on special for £2.95. I love this night cream. This one’s a back-up! And the last item is a Sweet Snuggles lip balm set which I got for £1. I loved last year’s lip balms, and I’m sure this year’s lip balms are just as excellent.

So this is what I bought over the last few weeks. I know it’s more stuff that I didn’t really need, but I’m still happy that I stocked up on products that were on a promotion. 🙂 Have you tried any of these products – or would you like to try any of them? Feel free to let me know what you think. 🙂

Mrs Strawberry Blonde

Poundland & Bargain Store Beauty Haul

Hi there! When I went to back to Poundland the other day, I felt like I hit the jackpot. I found Nails Inc. polishes for £1 each! I got Old Bond Street, Hampstead Gardens, Royal Arcade, Gatwick and Chelsea.

Not too long ago Nails Inc. came up with new bottle designs – so the ‘old’ bottles have to go now. Nails Inc. polishes are usually more than £10 each (I’d never spend that much money on a mediocre polish). So thank you, Nails Inc., for redoing your bottle design and for letting people buy your old polishes for less than 10% of the normal price! 🙂
I also bought more hand cream (which I don’t really need more of at the moment) and a small eyeshadow trio. I got Vaseline’s Intensive Care Hand Cream + Anti-Bac. And I picked up a Collection Work The Colour Eyeshadow Trio in 2 Naughty n Nude. And I couldn’t resist when I saw another promising hand cream – I Love… Raspberry & Blackberry Hand Cream. Another £3 (in total) well spent at Poundland.
I’ve never used any TRESemmé products (commitment issues – their bottles are too big). But I picked up a regular-sized Renewal Hair & Scalp Deep Conditioning Masque. I’m looking forward to trying it! And I also bought a Pantene Pro-V Nutri-Plus Youth Protect Rejuvenating Intensive Conditioner. So that’s two more products for £2 in total.
Last but not least – I also went to B&M Bargains. Generally I prefer Home Bargains (they’re cheaper), but every now and then I swing by the local B&M to see what they’ve got. I picked up a limited edition shower gel and two Gliss hair care products which I haven’t had before. Original Source’s Hibiscus & Pomegranate Tea Shower sounds really lush. And I’ll soon find out how Gliss’ Satin Relax Shampoo & Conditioner pan out. I spent £3 in total for these three products.
I’m super happy with the bargains. 🙂 I spent £13 in total and I got so many products! My husband isn’t happy that our toiletries stash is growing again (yeah, I’m working on it…), but he appreciates that we’ll never run out of toiletries and that everything in our stash was half price or less. 🙂

Did you pick up any bargains lately? Have you tried any of the products I bought? Feel free to let me know in the comments. And thanks for stopping by!

Mrs Strawberry Blonde

Pantene Pro-V Colour Protect & Smooth Shampoo & Conditioner

Hi there! A few weeks ago I went nuts at the drugstore and I bought about a dozen shampoos and conditioners which I’ve never had before. I know it’s quite a lot, but everything was half price. And I really can’t resist a bargain. 🙂 OK. Now meet Pantene Pro-V Colour Protect & Smooth shampoo and conditioner.
The shampoo feels nice and gentle and I’m satisfied it cleanses my hair properly. However, it’s nothing special. The conditioner is decent. It detangles my hair nicely, but every other day it feels like it’s weighing my hair down.

I have to say that these two products really make my hair feel smooth. And I like the pleasant (yet non-descript) scent. However, in regards to colour protection, this combo doesn’t really work. All in all, I think this product line is OK, but clearly I’m not in love with it. So whilst I might buy these two products again, I’m in no rush to do so.

In regards to whether I’d recommend these products, I’d say it depends on your hair type. If you have dry hair or if you want your hair to be smoother, I’d say give these products a try.

Pantene Pro-V Colour Protect & Smooth shampoo (400ml) and conditioner (360ml) are available for £3.99 each. But keep in mind, there’s almost always a half price offer somewhere. 😉

Mrs Strawberry Blonde