Flower Pharm Orange Flower Body Butter

Hi there! Today’s post is about Flower Pharm’s Orange Flower Body Butter. I got my hands on several tubs when they were 49p each at Superdrug. Yes, I mean it! 49p per 300ml tub!

Superdrug no longer sells this brand, but I’ve seen Flower Pharm products at Home Bargains (99p to £1.99) and TK Maxx (where this body butter is £2.99). I’ve also seen Flower Pharm gift sets at Asda and Tesco. And now let’s get to the actual product review! 🙂
I think this body butter is fantastic. It goes on like a light moisturiser, but it’s really rich and hydrating. Despite this, it’s not sticky at all. Yes, I think the formula is perfect! I also love the fragrance. It’s very authentic, and I’d describe it as a dense and warm Mediterranean orange flower fragrance. It smells very ‘high end’. It’s gorgeous!

Looking at the ingredients, this body butter contains coconut oil (it’s the second ingredient listed – after ‘aqua’) and lots of natural extracts (neroli, bitter orange, bergamot, etc). I think this is quite impressive! And I’ve also noticed that Flower Pharm products are made in the UK. Awesome stuff!

I would recommend this body butter in an instant. The formula is perfect and the fragrance is simply gorgeous. And if you consider the low price, this body butter is a total steal!

Have you tried this body butter or any other Flower Pharm products? How did you like them? Feel free to get in touch. And thanks for reading! 🙂

Mrs Strawberry Blonde

19 thoughts on “Flower Pharm Orange Flower Body Butter

    • Yes, 49p! Awesome, eh? Orange flowers don’t smell like oranges. I’d describe the fragrance of orange flowers as… warm, floral, dense and a tad bitter. If any of the Sephora stores near you have Lancome’s O de l’Orangerie, give this one a sniff. It’s quite strong but it’s a pretty accurate orange flower fragrance.


    • It’s an awesome product. I think TK Maxx isn’t really that cheap. I don’t know if they’ve got better offers in Germany, but over here I think people are kidding themselves if they think TK Maxx is a cheap store. I have picked up a few bargains, but most of the beauty stuff they sell is cheaper elsewhere.


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