TRESemmé Renewal Hair & Scalp Nourish & Renew Deep Conditioning Masque

Hi there! Today’s post is about TRESemmé’s Renewal Hair & Scalp Nourish & Renew Deep Conditioning Masque which I found at one of the bargain stores.

This “professional quality” deep conditioning masque with tea tree extract and sunflower seed oil promises to help repair hair to make it soft and manageable.

You’re supposed to use this product like a regular conditioner. However, you need to leave this product on for 2-3 minutes before you rinse it out.

Alright! So is this product any good? I think this deep conditioning masque is quite alright. It’s not ground-breaking, and it’s not as good as my favourite regular conditioners.

However, I enjoy using it on a weekly basis because it does make my hair feel soft without greasing it up.

All in all, I think this is a reasonable hair mask. I paid £1 for the 180ml tube which is, without doubt, good value.

Mrs Strawberry Blonde


Nail Of The Day – Color Club Blossoming & Nail Decals

Hi there! Today’s post is about a mani I did not too long ago. 🙂

For this mani I painted my nails (pinkies, index fingers, thumbs) with Color Club Blossoming. I love this polish – the colour is great, and the formula is lovely and easy to work with. Awesome stuff!

I used water decals on my ring and middle fingers. The decals are on the sheerer side, so my natural nails are visible from underneath the decals. Next time I’ll make sure to paint all my nails.

All in all I’m actually really happy with the mani. I also like the ‘fresh’ look of it. What do you think? Feel free to get in touch. And thanks for reading!

Mrs Strawberry Blonde

Yves Saint Laurent Saharienne Eau De Toilette

Hi there! Today’s post is about Yves Saint Laurent Saharienne. I bought the big 125ml bottle last year when I spotted it on sale at one of the big department stores. I’m more than halfway through the bottle, so it’s time for a review! 🙂

First of all, this fragrance contains the following notes: lemon, bergamot and mandarin (top notes), white flowers, cassis, orange flower, galbanum and petitgrain (heart notes), as well as ginger and pink pepper (base notes).

What’s the fragrance like? I think Saharienne is nothing more than a glorified cologne. It smells of bergamots and white flowers, it’s definitely a unisex fragrance, it’s very mediterranean, but it’s hardly more than an inoffensive (summer) office fragrance. And whilst I enjoy wearing Saharienne to the office, I wouldn’t repurchase it because it’s not very special.

It appears that Yves Saint Laurent Saharienne has been discontinued. None of the big retailers have it in stock. However, I have no doubt that it can be found online for years to come!

Mrs Strawberry Blonde

Hunny Bee Pink Grapefruit Face Mask Infused With Collagen

Hi there! Today’s post is about Hunny Bee’s Pink Grapefruit Infused With Collagen Face Mask. I bought a pack of 5 masks. So far I’ve used 2 of them. And I’m definitely ready to review the product! So read on if you’d like to know if these masks are any good. 🙂

This sheet mask promises to repair dull and uneven skin, to brighten, smooth and hydrate skin, and to restore skin’s youthful glow. All you have to do is place the mask onto your cleansed face, leave it on for 15 minutes (I leave it on until the sheet mask is dry which takes about an hour), remove it, and massage the serum that’s left on your face into your skin. You’re supposed to use the mask on a weekly basis.

How’s the mask? I think it’s excellent! I love the subtle grapefruit fragrance and the refreshing serum. It smells and feels like a high end product. Awesome! But wait, there’s more! This mask is really brightening, and I’ve seen that it helps even out my skin tone. Fantastic stuff! Another thing I love is that the serum feels deeply hydrating without being greasy. It’s truly impressive!

I would recommend this face mask to everyone who’s looking for an effective product that brightens and hydrates skin. Hunny Bee’s Pink Grapefruit Infused With Collagen Face Mask is available as a pack of 5 for £4.99 (TK Maxx).

Mrs Strawberry Blonde

My Little Pony Body Mist, Bath & Shower Gel, Leave-In Hair Detangler

Hi there! Today’s post is about 3 My Little Pony branded products – My Little Pony Body Mist, My Little Pony Shower Gel, and My Little Pony Leave-In Hair Detangler. These 3 products were made by Kokomo Studio, a UK-based toiletries manufacturer.

Alright, let’s start with the My Little Pony Body Mist! The fruity and powdery fragrance is quite faint, and it evaporates quickly. After a few minutes you won’t be able to smell it on your skin anymore. However, since this body mist is clearly aimed at young girls, the faint fragrance isn’t really an issue because kids can spray away without stinking up their bedrooms with sickly sweet smells. Cool!

So whilst the fragrance isn’t what an adult would expect, I still like the body mist because it feels hydrating. It contains oils, but I promise you that it’s not sticky. I really like to spray it down my back. Just 2 or 3 sprays a couple of times a week – that’s enough to make the skin on my back feel super soft. Great stuff! If you’d like to try this body mist, or if you’d like to buy it as a present for a young relative, the 100ml bottle is £2 at Primark.

Onto the My Little Pony Bath & Shower Gel! I really like this shower gel. It lathers up nicely, and it smells of honeydew melons. It’s also not drying! What’s not to like? I paid 99p for the big 400ml bottle (Home Bargains).

And how’s the My Little Pony Leave-In Hair Detangler? I think this product is quite alright. It’s not ground-breaking, but it’s much better than L’Oréal’s Elvive Smooth & Polish Thermo Detangling Spray (which I will review shortly). So yes, this dirt-cheap My Little Pony product really helps detangle my hair! In regards to the fragrance, all I can say is that it’s faint and fruity (something like pear and melon…), and that it evaporates quickly. But that’s great because I wouldn’t want my hair detangler to compete with the fragrance I’m wearing. By the way, the 150ml bottle can be yours for £1 (Poundworld).

To make a long story short, I’m happy that I picked up these products. I don’t always make the best decisions when I buy products just because I love the cute packaging. However, these 3 products will serve me well for the next couple of months, so I have no reason to complain at all!

Mrs Strawberry Blonde

Nail Of The Day – Essence Colour Boost 04 Instant Love & Essence Glamaxy Top Coat 34 Glamaxy Far, Far Away / A-Z Nail Art Challenge X – X-Plain To Me Why You’re Doing Red Nails Again

Hi there! Today’s post is the last one for this week. This means that Nail Week comes to an end as well.

For this mani I painted my nails with Essence Colour Boost 04 Instant Love.

This polish is a true one-coater. Great quality! Essence was stupid to discontinue the entire Colour Boost collection.

The top coat I used is the one and only Essence Glamaxy 34 Glamaxy Far, Far Away.

This is the most beautiful flakie topper. No matter which base colour you choose, this flakie topper will always look good. Too bad that Essence discontinued this gem as well.

I’ve done this mani for the A-Z Nail Art Challenge which I’m doing on my own terms. This mani is for the X-Plain To Me Why You’re Doing Red Nails Again challenge.

Now let me explain why I’m doing red nails again… the reason is that I have too many red nail polishes. I think red is one of the most boring nail colours, and that’s why I tend to neglect the red polishes in my stash. So this challenge provided the perfect opportunity to do red nails. 🙂

Mrs Strawberry Blonde

Nail Of The Day – Essence & MoYou London Doodles 07 / A-Z Nail Art Challenge U – Underwater

Hi there! Today’s post is about another mani that I did for the A-Z Nail Art Challenge. This mani is my Underwater mani.

I started by painting my nails with Essence Out Of Space Stories 06 We Will Spock You. This isn’t the greatest silver holo polish, but it does the job.

I used MoYou London’s Doodles 07 plate and Filthy Gorgeous Midnight (the dark blue polish I stamped with) to complete this mani.

I’m happy with this mani. I know I did a very similar mani not too long ago – but I just love holo + cuteness + all things marine. 🙂

How do you like this mani? Feel free to get in touch. And thanks for stopping by!

Mrs Strawberry Blonde