I Heart MakeUp Go! To The City Palette

Hi there! I got myself this I Heart MakeUp Go! To The City palette when it was on sale for £1.99 a while ago. It’s sad when a good product is about to be discontinued. But I have to admit I love picking up soon-to-be-discontinued products when they’re on sale. But who doesn’t? 🙂 Now let’s take a closer look at this palette.
I Heart MakeUp Go To The City 1
The Go! To The City palette a contains 2 blushers, 1 highlighter and 6 eyeshadows. The highlighter (H) is shimmery and nicely pigmented. I’ll be using it a lot, I think. The blushes – coral (B1) and pink (B2) – are very pretty. They’re well pigmented and the colours really pop.

I do like the eyeshadows too. The first shade is a matte light beige. All the other shades are shimmery – some of them almost metallic. They’re easy to blend and the pigmentation is a dream. However, I noticed that all these eyeshadows are featured in a different palette, namely I Heart MakeUp’s Passion palette. So if you have the Passion palette, you don’t really need this one.
I Heart MakeUp Go To The City 3
Now let’s have one more look at the palette. Isn’t it pretty? And everything looks so organised and neat. OK, it won’t look like this for long, but for the moment it does and I’m enjoying it. 🙂
I Heart MakeUp Go To The City 2
If you fancy I Heart MakeUp’s Go! To The City palette, you’ll have to look online because it appears that both Superdrug and MakeUp Revolution no longer sell it.

As always, feel free to comment if you like. And if you have this palette, please let me know what you think. And thanks for reading!

Mrs Strawberry Blonde

39 thoughts on “I Heart MakeUp Go! To The City Palette

  1. Well, colour me impressed! I didn’t think they’d swatch that nicely.
    I always get anxious about picking up clearance items because what if I end up loving the items, I’ll never be able to get them again!

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    • I know what you mean. 🙂 I used to be like “oh, that’s really cheap… it’s being discontinued… OK, I buy four just in case…” Especially with nail polish…

      But I don’t do that anymore. Every possible eyeshadow or blush shade (or texture) has been done over and over again. I have dozens of palettes and probably a hundred single eyeshadows. I have untouched make-up stuff from two years ago… I still buy products, but I often think I’ve got something similar already, so why not use what I have?

      And I’ve run out of storage space a while ago (I adore your guest room wardrobe make-up storage, by the way), so I’m OK with not having all the latest ‘must-haves’.

      Another good thing is that my husband no longer gives me his ‘please be reasonable’ look. That’s one look I don’t miss at all! 😀

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      • Hahaha, I know that look! 😛
        I’m still guilty with repeating my purchases of similar shades / finishes. I do have a bunch of back up nail polishes from limited editions. I really need to break that habit!

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  2. OMG love this I might highlight its price in one of my posts, I love that you are like me and love sharing the bargains you find online with others, I am a mum of two young kids who lives in a rural area and does not drive due to being epileptic to yeah I spend a lot of time on the web, and I come across great deals everyday. This is a great little find welldone and great post on the product xxx

    Liked by 2 people

    • They had four different palettes for £1.99 each. Needless to say I bought them all. 😀

      Yeah, I’m a compulsive bargain hunter. It’s really bad! But you know how it is when you have chronic bargain fever. 😉

      I’m sorry to hear you have epilepsy. It’s such a cruel condition. I hope you can manage it with medication. ♥


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