Carex Fun Edition Hand Wash Cola Bottles, Chocolate Orange and Bubble Gum

Hi there! Now this seems like one of the most random posts ever, but… there’s a but. If you have not tried these Carex Fun Edition hand washes already, you really need to. Now! I picked up the following three scents: Cola Bottles, Chocolate Orange and Bubble Gum.
Carex Fun Edition
The first one is Cola Bottles which smells just like Haribo’s Cola Bottles. Whilst I don’t like the Haribo sweets, the hand wash is absolutely delicious! Then there’s Chocolate Orange. What can I say? It’s just as delicious and it smells incredibly authentic. Yummy!

And then there’s Bubble Gum. This is the most delicious hand wash I’ve ever had. I also love it that when I wash my hands with it before I go to bed, I can still smell it when I wake up in the morning. If there is such a thing as The Ultimate Happy Time Hand Wash, then this is it!

I wish they would do XXL Bubble Gum hand wash bottles and also make a body wash, hand cream, body butter and a body mist with this exact fragrance too. Carex, I know this is a fun edition, but please, don’t discontinue this product. Ever!

Carex Fun Edition hand washes are available in 250 ml bottles for about £1.60 to £1.85. However, at the moment Asda sells them for 87p each!

Mrs Strawberry Blonde

6 thoughts on “Carex Fun Edition Hand Wash Cola Bottles, Chocolate Orange and Bubble Gum

  1. I have smelt the other two and have been a little hesitant about trying the bubblegum one, after reading this I am definitely going to try it! Xo

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