Burberry Weekend For Women

Hi there! Today’s post is about a fragrance which I know I’ll finish soon – Burberry Weekend For Women. A quick look at Burberry’s web site revealed that Burberry Weekend contains the following notes: tangerine, tree sap and reseda plant (top notes), wild rose, peach blossom, iris, hyacinth and nectarine (heart notes), and cedarwood and sandalwood (base notes). If you read on, I’ll tell you what I think of this fragrance.
I think Burberry Weekend is the ultimate nice and inoffensive office fragrance. It’s light, it doesn’t last long, it smells floral and fruity – in a grown-up way, and it’s perfectly forgettable. I understand why someone would buy it (well, after all, I bought it too), although I don’t understand why someone would buy it again and again and again… I mean no disrespect to anyone who loves this fragrance. And I honestly think that Burberry Weekend is a pleasant fragrance – there’s no argument here. But it’s not very special or individual at all…

In any event, I’m glad I only bought the 30ml bottle. And as of today the bottle is about half full. I think I’ll be able to finish this one quickly. It might not be in this month’s empties, maybe not even in next month’s empties (I like warmer fragrances when it’s cold). But this one will be gone by early spring.

Burberry Weekend For Women is available as 30ml for £27, 50ml for £45 and 100ml for £60. However, it’s always on special somewhere. The 30ml bottle can usually be found for about £15, and the 100ml bottle can be yours for less than £30 if you spend 30 seconds comparing prices online. 😉

Mrs Strawberry Blonde

6 thoughts on “Burberry Weekend For Women

  1. I think I’ve seen this at Winners (TKMaxx) before. Sometimes you just need an inoffensive perfume, ya know? Just how QUICKLY do you go through perfume… half a bottle (ie 15ml) lasts you a month? What! 😮

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    • Yes, sometimes you just want or need an inoffensive fragrance. No doubt! But there are so many other random fragrances out there… if you think you might want to buy Burberry Weekend, have a sniff first the next time you’re at the department store. But DO NOT wander off to the make-up department! You know you won’t be getting off with a stern warning this year, m’kay?

      I generally go through perfumes quickly, especially when the perfumes aren’t very strong or long-lasting. 1ml is about 5 to 8 sprays. And I think it’s 6 or 7 sprays with this one. So in theory, if I could stomach to wear this nothingness every day, I could finish it very quickly. But then, everyone could. 😉

      In terms of strength and longevity, Burberry Weekend doesn’t compare to your Stella perfume!


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