Major Boxing Day Haul – 80 New Products (Sanctuary Spa, Boots Extracts, My Little Pony, Pusheen And More)

Hi there! I know I did a haul post only 2 weeks ago. But I also said I’d be doing some serious bargain shopping on Boxing Day. I ordered lots of stuff online, and I also went to a few stores (Boots, M&S, Poundstretcher, B&M). Here’s what I bought!

I found this My Little Pony Lip Balm Trio at B&M Bargains. I don’t know how much it was because…
1. I didn’t care, and 2. I lost the receipt. I guess it was £2.99 – the My Little Pony nail polish set which I bought recently was £2.99, and I just assume these sets would cost the same.
My local Poundstretcher had a few different Daily Defense hair products. I bought the Keratin shampoo and conditioner, and the Argan Oil shampoo and conditioner. These are huge 473ml bottles – and they were £1 each. I’ve never seen these before, and my guess is they were discontinued ages ago. But I sniffed the products before I decided to buy them – and these 4 products smelled excellent! And something else – these products were made in Canada – and they’re cruelty-free!
Boots Extracts Vanilla House Of Treats was on top my Boxing Day wish list – because my husband loves Boots’ vanilla fragrance very much. I ended up buying 2 of these vanilla sets, each of which contains 200ml shower gel, 200ml body lotion, and 150ml body mist. The Vanilla House Of Treats was half price on Boxing Day – so I only spent £5 per set.
Another half price bargain I got my hands on was this cute Pusheen plush cosmetic bag. It was £4 only (Boots). The cosmetic bag is quite big – it’s the biggest cosmetic bag I’ve ever owned. I’ll take measurements… I promise.
The next awesome half price set is I Love…’s The Takeaway Trio. It contains 3 chocolate truffle scented products – 500ml bath & shower cream, 200ml body butter and a big 150g bath fizzer. Priced at £4 (Boots) this set is amazing value!
Then I spent £2.50 on this Garden Collection Mini Indulgence set (Boots). It contains 5 products – a lavender body wash and a lavender body lotion, a rose body wash and a rose body lotion, and a magnolia body wash. The bottles are 100ml.
I found 2 cute Winter Woodland toiletries sets. The first set contains 3 shower gels and 3 body lotions.
And the second Winter Woodland set contains 5 body mists. These sets are from Poundstretcher.
I also bought a Boots Extracts Body Spray trio. For £3 I got Vanilla (My husband’s favourite!), Strawberry (I’ll give it a sniff, but I think I’ll have to pass this one on to my teenage relative), and Mango (Yummy!). The body sprays are 70ml.
My local Marks & Spencer store had a few Pusheen sets for half price too. I bought a nail polish set for £5 and a lip balm duo for £3.

Up next is the My Little Pony Cutie Beauty Bath Set. It was £3.99 at B&M Bargains. It’s that cute that I don’t even care if any of these products are good. 🙂
I also got the big Boots Extracts House Of Treats – which contains several shower gels, shower scrubs and body butters. All of these products are travel-sized. This set was £10.
And here’s what’s in the House Of Treats – 4 shower gels, 4 body scrubs, 4 body butters. The fragrances are Marshmallow & Peppermint (limited Christmas edition), Coconut, Vanilla & Mango.
I was glad that I Love…’s Pamper Me Essentials set wasn’t sold out by Boxing Day. So I got this set for £5.
The Pamper Me Essentials set contains a 200ml Raspberry & Blackberry Shower Gel and the matching hand cream, and it contains 2 chocolate Truffle products – a body butter (which I already had in a different set) and a body mist (which was the reason I bought this set – I really wanted this Chocolate Truffle body mist).
I bought the Sanctury Spa’s Escape And Let Go set which contains an exfoliating mitt, a 100ml body butter, a full size shower gel and a full-size body scrub. All these products have the same fragrance – White Lily & Damask Rose.
I think this Sanctuary set was good value. It was £8! The shower gel and the shower scrub are usually £5.50 each, so I’m really happy with this set.
I Love…’s The Big Tub Of Fun was £7.50 only. Yes, I only bought it for the Chocolate Truffle products… anyhoo, this set contains a 500ml Chocolate Truffle shower cream, a bath fizzer, a body puff and three Raspberry & Blackberry products – body butter, hand cream and body mist. I think this set is fantastic considering the low price!
I also bought the huge Sanctuary Spa Make A Wish And Let Go box. It was £22.50 and it’s packed with awesome products!
What’s in the box? Heel balm, mini shower gel, bath soak, face mask, body butter, shower gel, salt scrub, body scrub and hand cream.
And here are two non-beauty items – I bought a My Little Pony ringbinder. It was £1.99. And I got myself a foam sticker set for 99p. I found these items at B&M Bargains. 🙂

So this is what I got myself on Boxing Day (in store and online). It’s quite a lot, I know. But it’s nothing compared to what I’ve bought in the past. This Boxing Day (well, technically it’s last boxing Day already…) I managed to ignore all those half-price make-up and nail polish sets. Well, I got the Pusheen nail polish set but that doesn’t count because it’s Pusheen!

I also spent just over £106 for all of this. And whilst I don’t know where to store all these sets and products, I don’t think I spent too much. I do think that I’m a reasonable Boxing Day shopper because I’ve never been someone who’d spend hundreds of £ on ‘impulse items’ (aka stuff you’ll regret buying – like those 5 evening dresses, or those 9 pairs of red high heels…). Yeah, I had to get that out of my system because I know people who still pay off their 2012 Christmas shopping…

Feel free to comment if you want to. Oh, and congratulations if you’ve made it to the end of the post. 🙂

Mrs Strawberry Blonde

32 thoughts on “Major Boxing Day Haul – 80 New Products (Sanctuary Spa, Boots Extracts, My Little Pony, Pusheen And More)

    • Thank you! I’m really happy with what I bought. 🙂

      Are there any bigger Boots stores near you? If so, check what they still have! Go now! NOW!!! And don’t forget to swing by any store that would be more likely to be frequented by people who got there by public transport – and not by car. Those stores are more likely to have the big gifts left.

      I ordered quite a lot on Christmas Eve when Boots’ online sale started. Although most of the products I wanted had sold out online before Christmas, I was still able to secure the bulky and heavy gift sets – the kind of stuff I didn’t want to carry around with me on Boxing Day. 😉

      And when I hit the stores I was happy to see they still had almost all the stuff that sold out online.

      I’ve been to the Bond Street store (the big one next to the station – not the one in the station) and the big Piccadilly Circus store a few days ago. I wasn’t hunting for bargains (I’m not allowing myself to buy more), but I checked their Christmas stock anyway – and both stores still had lots of stuff (Sanctuary stars, the Boots Extracts ‘houses’, I Love… sets, Pusheen products, and they even had dozens of the big Boots No.7 gifts left). So yeah, hit the stores! NOW!

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Ahhh!!! This is the post that I’ve been waiting for!

    My Little Pony lip balm trio are too fun. Yes, who cares how much it cost! 😛 It seems MLP brand is popular there? Here, I’ve not really seen it much – it’s still a kid’s toy, mainly.
    That Pusheen cosmetics bag is adorable! Looks like you could fit a tablet in that. And the Pusheen nail polish?! Omg! We have none of that here.
    I saw one of those “I Love…” trio things here but even on sale it was around $16. They did NOT have chocolate truffle scent though!

    I started typing out my Boxing Week haul and it’s a bit alarming… 😳 I’m not as good of a bargain hunter as you. Actually, we don’t have as good sales as you do.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Our half price sale on Boxing Day is the best, isn’t it? I live for the sales!

      MLP isn’t that popular over here, I think. It’s all about the children’s toys and the animated tv series (which is excellent, by the way). But whenever I see MLP beauty stuff and toiletries, I’m getting weak…

      Pusheen isn’t that popular either. Sure, both Pusheen and MLP have lots of fans, but I was surprised (disappointed actually) when I saw all the leftover Pusheen stock on Boxing Day. They even had a few items left this week…

      Anyhoo, I’m looking forward to your haul post. I’m sure you’ve been a really bad girl. I used to buy three times as much as I did two weeks ago – but I restrained myself because of the storage issue… and now the 1 in / 3 out policy has come in force…

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      • I saw the “I Love…” sets again today and they were marked down to C$10 (approx £6.15). They had the Strawberry Cream (which I know you dislike), the Raspberry & Blackbery, and one I’d never seen before: Mango & Papaya. Have you tried that scent – any good?

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