Suitable For Vegans – Original Source Shower Plum & Blackcurrant, Raspberry & Cocoa and Wild Cherry & Nettle

Hi there! I haven’t reviewed any Original Source products in a while. But now’s the time to look at a few fruity shower gels. Meet Original Source Plum & Blackcurrant, Raspberry And Cocoa, and Wild Cherry And Nettle. These shower gels are suitable for vegans – they’re approved by The Vegan Society.
Original Source Shower
Original Source Plum & Blackcurrant is surprisingly refreshing. I thought the plum fragrance would make this shower gel a bit too sweet for summer – but I was wrong. The fragrance actually reminds me of blackcurrant cough lozenges – in a good way. It smells like blackcurrant juice and green currant buds. So yes, this one is definitely suitable for warm summer days.

Original Source Raspberry And Cocoa isn’t my favourite. This fragrant combination smells a bit weird. It’s not bad, but it’s not what I expected – and I can’t smell any raspberries or cocoa. I don’t really care for this shower gel (and neither does my husband), so this one might end up in the hand wash dispenser.

Original Source Wild Cherry And Nettle is another nice surprise. And it’s another shower gel that reminds me of cough lozenges – cherry-flavoured ones, of course. The fragrance isn’t as strong as the plum & blackcurrant fragrance, but it’s definitely yummy!

The RRP for 250ml Original Source shower gels is usually around £2 – but you can find these shower gels for £1 (Poundland and the likes) or less (special offer).

Thank you for stopping by. I really appreciate it. 🙂

Mrs Strawberry Blonde

20 thoughts on “Suitable For Vegans – Original Source Shower Plum & Blackcurrant, Raspberry & Cocoa and Wild Cherry & Nettle

  1. I received the Coconut one in a swap and OMG, it was amazing. And shockingly so affordable! I think I’d enjoy the Plum & Blackcurrant scent – I do seem to like blackcurrant in my perfumes.
    How quickly do you go through shower gels? I feel like I take FOREVER to go through them…

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    • I love blackcurrant in perfumes too. It’s fruity, but grown-up fruity. 🙂

      I think I go through shower gels relatively quickly. I shower twice every day, and when I’m sweaty, I might shower three times in one day.

      I always have five or six shower gels in a rota so sometimes I’m not emptying anything in three weeks, but then I might empty five bottles in one week.

      Plus I got help from my husband. I make him try every single one of my shower gels once. Most of the time he concludes my shower gels are girly, but there a few which he likes. 🙂


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