Empties – June 2022

Hi there! Today’s post is about all the products I said goodbye to in June. I used a few single-use face masks, and you can read about my latest face mask finds by clicking here. But let’s focus on the bigger bottles now!

1 MakeUp Gallery Time To Shine Completely Clear 1 – Poundland’s own brand clear polish. Not the best clear polish, but definitely good enough as a base or top coat.

2 Caudalie Thé Des Vignes Eau Fraîche – a pleasant enough but basic fragrance. I wouldn’t repurchase it.

3 Boots Rose Toner – a decent toner. Better than Garnier’s rose toner, but I don’t think I’ll buy it again.

4 Sukin Rosehip Hydrating Day Cream – not the best face cream for my skin type. Another product I wouldn’t buy again.

5 Nivea Caring Shower Gel Splashy Ocean – a really nice shower gel. I would buy it again.

6 Original Source Blood Orange Daily Scrub – this one is really nice! Too bad it’s been discontinued.

7 I Love… Mango & Papaya Bubble Bath & Shower Crème – a lovely shower gel. I would repurchase it!

8 Herbal Essences Moisture Balance Conditioner – holy grail stuff. I have plenty of backup!

9 Maui Moisture Body Care Detoxifying + Volcanic Ash Body Lotion – not my favourite body lotion. I wouldn’t buy it again.

10 Original Source Mango & Macadamia Shower – this is a lovely shower gel. Unfortunately discontinued. I might have another one in my stash.

And this is everything I finished in June. Not terrible, but definitely not a great month for finishing up stuff. I hope I can do better in July as there’s new stuff I want to buy (but I need to make space first).

Mrs Strawberry Blonde 💙💛

Weekly Recap 30 May – 5 June 2021

Hi there! Happy Sunday! Today’s post is my weekly blog recap – just in case you’ve missed a post that might have interested you. 🙂

Tuesday 31 May – Monthly Favourites

No post on Monday, but Tuesday’s post was about my favourite products in May. Click here to see them all.

Wednesday 1 Jun – May Empties

On Wednesday I showed you which products I emptied in May. Click here to read the post.

Thursday 2 Jun – Nivea Caring Shower Gel Splashy Ocean
Saturday 4 Jun – Caudalie Thé Des Vignes Eau Fraîche

On Thursday I reviewed a new shower gel. Click here to read the post.
I didn’t post on Friday, but Saturday’s post was about a Caudalie fragrance. Click here to take a look.

And this is it for this week. Thanks for stopping by! xoxo

Mrs Strawberry Blonde 💙💛

Nivea Caring Shower Gel Splashy Ocean

Hi there! Today’s post is about this Nivea Caring Shower Gel Splashy Ocean. This shower gel promises instantly refreshed skin. This sounds good!

I’ve been using this shower gel on and off for the past 2 weeks, and I like it. It’s cleansing, but it also feels gentle – this is nice!

I do like the fragrance – it’s a mix of marine notes and grapefruit. Definitely refreshing and also unisex. My husband has given this shower gel a try, and he likes it too. He actually thought it’s “for men”.

If you’re looking for a refreshing unisex shower gel, I’d recommend this one. Nivea Caring Shower Gel Splashy Ocean is available as 250ml for about £2. I paid £1 (Poundland).

Mrs Strawberry Blonde 💙💛