The Body Shop Frosted Plum, Vanilla Chai & Frosted Berries Shower Gels

Hi there! Today’s post is about 3 shower gels that I picked up during the winter sale in January – The Body Shop Frosted Plum, Vanilla Chai and Frosted Berries.

Let’s start with The Body Shop Frosted Plum! I think this is a pretty basic shower gel. It lathers up well, but it feels drying. And the plum fragrance is rather faint. I will finish this shower gel, but I wouldn’t repurchase it.

The Body Shop Vanilla Chai is very nice. I’d describe the fragrance as a boozy mix of herbal tea and vanilla. My husband likes this shower gel (which is actually more of a shower cream) too!

The Body Shop Frosted Berries is just as drying as the plum shower gel. The berry fragrance is super lovely, but, unfortunately, quite faint.

Based on my experience I would recommend the Vanilla Chai shower gel. I would repurchase this one if TBS brings it back for Christmas and if it’s on sale after Christmas. But I wouldn’t recommend or repurchase the other 2 shower gels.

The Body Shop Frosted Plum, Vanilla Chai and Frosted Berries are available as 250ml. I paid £2.50 each (winter sale).

Mrs Strawberry Blonde

11 thoughts on “The Body Shop Frosted Plum, Vanilla Chai & Frosted Berries Shower Gels

  1. Of the holiday TBS shower gels, the one I like – and am actually currently using – is the Glazed Apple one from a few years ago. They switched it over to the spiced one which I don’t like as much.

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  2. I love the Vanilla Chai range! I have a Vanilla Chai body lotion waiting in the wings to open so I’m excited for that. The plum and berry shower gels look like a different consistency to the Vanilla Chai, them seem less creamy.

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